DinoTrek Virtual Reality Apps for Kids


Almost from the start of science man has been curious, inquisitive and immensely interested in the dragons for yesteryears – the dinosaurs. This inquisitiveness has inspired multiple games, movies, animated films etc. then why should the VR industry stay behind. By now I’m sure you guys have a hint what I’m talking about. Your VR device is just going to get a whole lot cooler with its own special Dinosaur VR game – The Dino Trek. Dino Trek is a virtual experience in the Dino – era. The application is very informative and entertaining as it provides an experience of how it would have been to be alive at the time when dinosaurs inhabited this planet.  

Everything you should know about DinoTrek Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

DinoTrek Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Dying to know its features? This experience with the dinosaurs will be like no other. This game will give you a perfect look around this dinosaur world with features such as camera re-centering and teleporting. You can move towards and away from the action by just leaning away and forward in this game. Another helpful feature of this application is the presence of two different modes. There is a normal mode which allows you to move around in a jeep and weave through dinosaurs of various shapes and sizes, along with a “fun size” mode with toy sized dino’s all around for your little one to not get intimidated by it. All in all, you get to see and experience around 50 dinosaurs in all realms of the world. Sky water land nothing is dinosaur free.

Running for 3.42 minutes Dino Trek can be viewed either as a virtual reality film or played on a traditional simulator ride in 4D. Having bought for a nominal amount on iTunes this VR video can be viewed in your usual VR devices such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Cardboard, etc. the iTunes link is given below for you to be just a click away from mind-blowing and adventures prehistoric experience.


This is an informative application with pop-ups about various dinosaurs, their eating habits, habitat, and way of life. Majorly for children, this app will also create a buzz among the dinosaur enthusiasts willing to learn and test their knowledge more. Along with experiencing them “virtually” alive. All you dinosaur lovers get your inquisitive minds on and glue yourself to your VRs to experience this adventure. And to all the parents out there now you can rest assured questions like “Who would win in a fight between the T Rex and Giganotosaurus? Or how long was the Brachiosaurus” will be answered without much hassle and deliberation on your part?     

Getting a 3.3 rating on iTunes this game is definitely a hit among the users. In one of the many reviews a user mentions “This is the best game or Video in the world, but I wish there was a little more don’t get me wrong or anything I loved it a lot I just wish there was different content in the different time of days and a longer Video and maybe even a freeze frame part where u can look around and see everything that is going on and then u can like press a button to resume the tour” another enthusiastic user says “

Waste, not one more second. Rush into this dinosaur-filled world and well into the amazing life of these magnificent creatures of the past as you float into their world.