Prompts on how to use Amazon's Alexa personal assistant are seen in an Amazon ‘experience centre’ in Vallejo, California, U.S., May 8, 2018. Picture taken May 8, 2018. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage - RC1DBA14D520

The police in Florida said to have believed that an Amazon Alexa smart device could be the number one witness in a particular murder investigation as soon as the virtual voice assistant has allegedly overhead all the details regarding the violent altercation. So the story which had been in the news goes in this way. A man who stays in Florida has quarrelled with his wife after the night out at their home. Both of them has fought as well as argued a lot and somehow the wide has speared to her chest at the time of the altercation. This has led to heavy bleeding from the wound. Her husband was charged with the second-degree murder but then also he denied to have killed her wife. In the entire incident, there was no one who has witnessed a particular incident while it happened. But the most surprising thing about the incident is that there was someone or you can say something else which witnessed the entire incident. Yes! We are talking about the Amazon Echo device which the police is suspecting that may have witnessed the incident which was going on in the house. Not only this but also the police is suspecting that the particular device has listened to the parts of altercations which may give some clues regarding the death of the woman. The name of the man is Adam Crespo who is 43 years old and the name of his wife is Sylvia Galva Crespo who is 32 years old. As we have mentioned above his wife is died due to the heavy bleeding from her chest at home situated in Hallandale Beach in Florida in the month of July.

Hallandale Beach Police Department spokesman Sgt. Pedro Abur sated in a report where he said that the department has got all the recordings and is undergoing a process where it is analysing the information which is sent to the department. Having said that the Police department did not say anything else after that but recent the attorney of Crespo named Christopher O” Toole said that all the recordings will exculpate his client. He said in an interview, “We want to hear these recordings as well.” He further mentioned, “I believe in my client’s innocence 100 per cent. And I think that these recordings are only going to help us.” On the other hand, a spokesman of Amazon mentioned in a statement that the company “does not disclose customer information in response to government demands unless we are required to do so to comply with a legally valid as well as a binding order.” They further said, “Amazon objects to overload or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course.” As per the company to get the device started recording, the user needs to rouse the device by mentioning the wake word, “Alexa”. Apart from this, the owner can even change the wake word by saying Amazon, Echo as well as computer.

The company mentioned in its website, “only then does the device begin recording and sending your request to Amazon’s secure cloud. It further said, “you will always know when Alexa is recording as well as sending your request to Amazon’s secure cloud because a blue light indicator will appear or an audio tone will sound on your Echo device.” Apart from this the owner of the device also has the option where he or she can delete all the recordings.

 On this statement of the company, Crespo said to the police that on July 12 Crespo and his wife were having an argument in their bedroom of his home in Hallandale Beach which is 12 miles south of Fort Lauderdale after they had their drinks. Crespo mentioned that he had immediately grabbed his wife’s ankles for pulling her off to their bed as per the probable cause of affidavit. An right at the foot of their bed was a metal blade which is in the shape of a spear which is 12 inches long. He said that as he pulled her wife she grabbed onto the wooden shaft of the pointed spear and he immediately turned away from her. According to the affidavit, it stated, “while he was still pulling her bed from the bed he heard a snap. The defendant turned around and discovered the blade had penetrated the victim’s chest.” Authorities further wrote n the affidavit by mentioning, “based on the information received by the actions of the defendant caused the victim to gran the spear to keep herself on the bed. The force used by the defendant to remove the victim caused the shaft to break and in an unknown way caused the blade to pierce the victim, which caused the loss of life.” Currently, the husband has been set free on $65,000 bond and it totally depends on Amazon’s Alexa voice recordings which will be providing clear light on the entire mystery.