Today is the third day of the CES 2020, and by each passing day, we will see new gadgets gets launched by companies. On the third day, you will be astonished by a Smart Vibrator, Fingerprint Scanner Hard drive, Alexa’s latest versions, Coca Cola’s new Energy drink, and many more gadgets. Here is a list of all the devices launched on the third day of CES 2020:

Smart Vibrator

WIRED senior writer explored the new sexual health and wellness. The vibrator is allowed on a trial basis this year. Goode and the entrepreneur, Lora DiCarlo, toured some of the health and wellness section and sexuality.

Coke Energy

Coca Cola recently introduced its new natural energy drink, aptly named Coke Energy. The bottle contains about four times more caffeine than a traditional can of Coke. The Cherry version tastes like Cherry Coke mixed with a Gatorade. It was really, very tasty. It will only be available in selected countries like Japan. The most exciting thing is that you can order the drink via Amazon’s Alexa in the U.S. after January 20. and it will be made available in retail stores on January 28.

SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable Hard drive

It’s not easy for the manufacturers to provide hard drives with security and with extra storage space. But you will be happy to see Samsung’s new portable solid-state drive. This hard drive is named as T7 Touch Portable SSD has a built-in fingerprint scanner. Its size is about the size of a business card and comes in options of 500 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB. The prices are $130, $230, and $400 for the respective variant. It uses a USB 3.2 Type-C port, with a net transfer speeds up to around 1.05 GB per second.

Nreal Light mixed reality glasses

The mixed reality glasses project virtual objects into the real world. You can also walk around them and can interact with them. Nreal’s latest reality glasses are called Nebula that allows you to run Android apps in a virtual space. The glasses are lightweight and comfy. Nreal also offers magnetic prescription lenses you can easily attach to remove your glasses to use them. They’ll be available in stores in 2021, surprisingly, at $499.

Oval’s Homes Sensor’s instead of Camera’s

Every person wants smart home security gear that doesn’t have hackable cameras or microphones and was Oval had launched Home’s small, multi-purpose sensors. These sensors can detect temperature, motion, water, humidity, and light. The starter kit comes with one hub and two sensors. These sensors can detect anything from a forbidden medicine cabinet opening, or a leaky bathtub faucet. They are available for preorder starting at $50.

Owl Home is another sensor that detects smoke, carbon dioxide, motion, and sound to alert you of a stranger’s presence.

R1T and R1S, Links Your Car To your Home

 Alexa R1T (the pickup) and R1S (the SUV) will be the first production vehicles to have Alexa Home integrated with Alexa Auto. It is an excellent idea to link automotive smart assistants to Home and phone. From this, you can ask your Fire TV to tell you whether your Rivian is charging, ask about your battery level, and how many miles that level will you have to take. You can also begin driving navigation to a hiking trailhead. You’ll be able to buy the R1T for $69,000 and R1S for $72,500 at the very end of this year.