The well-known South Korean based tech giant known as Samsung Electronics as well as the Reliance Jio Infocomm has announced about their 5G use cases at the event of the Indian Mobile Congress, 2019 on Tuesday. Reliance Jio in partnership with Samsung Networks has made the largest green field of the world and all IP based 4G LTE network which has supported more than 340 million LTE subscribers till the month of August in the year 2019. Both of these companies have represented their brand new opportunities by using 5G NSA mode along with the advanced 4G LTE as well as 5G technology which is used in combination as a dual connected mode network which will be helping both enterprises as well as enterprises.

Mathew Oommen, the President of Jio said, “We as Jio working closely with key partners like Samsung will ensure that we continue to help India leapfrog traditional technologies by advancing the existing 4G all IP infrastructure and leverage the end to end, 5G and loT ecosystems towards a digital infrastructure platform.” He further said, “This digital platform will deliver on the aspirations of all Indians, our businesses and the emerging digital society that is fundamental to accelerate the digital economy and ensuring digital freedom for India.”

There will be a great impact on some areas related to the high definition content as well as virtual classrooms. Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, the Executive Vice President and the Head of Network Business at Samsung Electronics mentioned, “Having superior LTE networks is a key asset for operators in moving towards the 5G era and Jio has reached that compelling competency.”

On the other hand, China-based Tech giant named Huawei is all set for entering into the backdoor of the agreement along with India for allaying the security concerns. The local head of the telecom group of India said that the South Asian countries are prepping up for the release of the advanced generation 5G networks.

As we all know that India is the second-largest wireless market in the world and it happened only because of its users. They will be holding the airwave auction for the 5G services before March. The statement has been made by Ravi Shankar Prasad who is the Telecom Minister of India. We also have to wait for the 5G trial to begin and the government has not taken any decision to allow or ban Huawei from the test. This test has resulted in US-led push for shutting out the Chinese tech as well as telecoms group which said its gear is featured with back doors. This implies that China is spying on other countries. However, Beijing has denied this fact when asked.

Huawei currently has about 28 per cent of the global share in the telecom equipment market which is now going to engage along with India for clarifying its stand on 5G solutions, Chinese intelligence laws as well as network security. The CEO of Huawei India mentioned in the event, “From the beginning, I have confidence that the Indian industry, the India market will welcome Huawei because I have contributed a lot with my unique value. I am ready to sign.”

The company has been also blacklisted by various countries such as the United States, New Zealand as well as Australia. On the other hand, various other countries are still under the process of it. He further added, “If the Indian government wants, we are open to having the source codes in an escrow account.” Through this, he indicated that the company is willing to manufacture more such telecom gear in the country.

China said India not to stop Huawei from continuing business in India which is a warning that there can be some negative impact where the Indian firms may start operating in China.

Not only this but also a row over the participation of Huawei in the 5G push in India which could lead to tensions between New Delhi as well as Beijing. So both of these are contributing 100 per cent efforts for ensuring that there is no such long-standing territorial disputes. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Xi Jinping, Chinese President has met last week in an Indian beach town and had talked about a bid for resolving the border disputes, ease concerns, as well as trade rows, abut the military ties of China along with India’s rival Pakistan.

Chen said, “India cannot afford to wait longer for 5G” He specifically said it by a point on the value of Huawei’s participation in India’s 5G launch. He further said, “I always suggest move forward for 5G trial, move forward with 5G auction.”

Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT and communication Minister said the country encryption but also urged that legal enforcement department need to be able for identifying the sources of the messages which are being circulated to result into the false rumours. He said in the event, “We respect encryption but where the same message is being relayed repeatedly at the same time, same area as well as on the same issue for creating chaos as well as spreading false rumours, law enforcement agencies must have access… source of nuisance must be identified to deal with circulation of false rumours in such cases. We must ensure this.”

Apart from these various issues of traceability has been in the headlines between the well known messaging app as well as the government. WhatsApp has controlled the demand of India for identification of message originators. Reports say that the global executive of Facebook, Nick Clegg while meeting with Ravi Shankar Prasad on September. He has hinted to take some legal significance about the alternatives to the correct traceability of messages which include the use of metadata as well as machine intelligence to deal with the problem. He even promised to develop the services which are offered by Instagram, WhatsApp as well as Facebook linkages. Prasad has also mentioned that India is in the generate the largest data in the world and he also said to maintain a balance between security and utility of data.