CES 2019 is on and we have another hybrid laptop out from the top smartphone vendor Samsung. The brand new Samsung Notebook Flash may remind you of one of the most popular slim and smart notebook called Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, but if you will take a closer look, you will find that the two of them have marked differences. Let’s get through what it’s offering.

Price Range and External Build Up

samsung notebook 9 pro review

You can start buying this less expensive version of Microsoft’s creation at an affordable price of $350. The laptop can be the best help for the students in their everyday lives due to its stylish 13.3-inch external appearance.

Since the Samsung is in the habit of using its own self-made plastics, and has conducted several experiments with numerous textures and finishes to add to its manufactured plastic, the keyboard of this novel device also has a powerful textile finish.

samsung notebook 9 pro review

When we hear this genuine addition from the side of Samsung for the first time, we are taken a few years back when Chromebook 2 integrated a plastic lid that was made to appear like leather due to a massive texture work on it and even consisted of stitches near the edges.

Despite the announcement by Samsung that the range of colors has been kept huge and so the laptop will be available in a variety of colors, the Flash will be seen in a charcoal color appearance only in the US. Also, this charcoal color may show itself more like a concrete color according to the information provided by the company itself. All this may sound to be absolutely perfect for the initial days of the laptop in the technology markets.

The Inside Story

Moving on to the inner capability of this modish laptop, it has been designed to operate on a low-end Intel Celeron N4000 along with 4GB of robust memory and 64GB of eMMC flash storage capacity. These are some of the factors that put this Notebook ahead in the league and the reason is really simple. These exclusive components you would have expected in a Chromebook on a similar price range, but hold on. The Samsung Notebook Flash has mastered the skill of running a Windows 10 Home which is its another highest selling point.

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Some More Perks for the Users

To give its users a good working experience, Samsung has provided some good perks in its contemporary laptop. A speedy Gigabit Wi-Fi, a microSD slot competent enough to take quick and more systematic USF cards, a typewriter-style keyboard, and fingerprint reader are some of the added advantages you will experience while using this stylish Samsung laptop.

The Samsung Notebook Flash will be available for the buyers from January 15th straightway from Samsung stores and Amazon.