CEO Pete Lau, Gave Explanation why OnePlus is Making TV

CEO Pete Lau

Rejoice one plus fans! The Chinese tech Giants have announced that they will be now stepping into the TV market after making a mark with their smartphones. This definitely comes as a worrying news for the Samsung and Sony. The move, if successful, will definitely make one plus a household name.

Company CEO Pete Lau took to the one plus community forum with a blog post where he informed about the company’s plans to debut in the TV market.

“I dream about a time when technology is truly seamless, an effortless part of your life without being the focus. As other consumer electronics have evolved and improved our lives, televisions have remained conventional and cumbersome,” said Pete Lau, OnePlus Founder, and CEO. “We bring inherent advantages to the industry, and with this new division, we’re excited to explore the total connected user experience that can enhance everyday life.”

Already famed as the “flagship killer”  the company can definitely give a run for their money to many smart television Giants.  On record, OnePlus is saying that people should expect it to disrupt the market with the OnePlus TV because it intends to fill the “gaps” in the industry. “It is a natural extension for OnePlus to address gaps in the television industry, which it tackled in the smartphone market – balancing high-quality hardware with the latest in technology, developing a seamless user experience, and crafting hardware that is minimalistic and timeliness in design,” the company says.

The company has even requested the users to help them name the newly announced smart television. They have even started a contest for the same.

Many expect the TV to be a hub of the home automation system, a user-friendly interface, and ease of use with premium looks going along with it. Just what one plus is famous for in the smartphone industry. Although no features have been spoken about by the company, they are taking suggestions from their community of loyal users as they take their initial steps. TV makers haven’t really pushed voice-controlled assistants onto their televisions in any meaningful way, so OnePlus could set its self apart there. It would also be a wise play, as the AI could also be rolled out onto OnePlus smartphones, killing two birds with one stone.

It’s expected that the users will have to wait till mid – 2019 to get their hands on this exciting venture as a separate division of one plus will be taking the responsibility for the smart television.

With this, we can expect exciting times in the tech industry. As more players enter the different markets, technology should keep getting More innovative and pocket friendly.