Car That Runs on Water: IIT-Roorkee Students Try to Touch the Impossible


In the days of fuel price reaching its lifetime high in the country, IIT students from Roorkee thought why don’t develop something that can end this saga of fuel price hikes. The students from the institute developed a car prototype powered by water that will require neither petrol/diesel nor gas and not even electricity but the most precious liquid to human life, WATER.

The brilliant engineering minds came up with this mind-blowing idea and have made a prototype stating that the cart will be powered only by water and aluminum with zero emissions. Isn’t rising fuel price is one of the biggest concerns in India today? This car, which supposedly will cost like any other car, might be ending the never-ending fuel crisis of the country.

News from The Print confirmed the news that India’s leading educational institute started this project with the name of Log9 Materials. The whole prototype is put together in such a way that an Aluminum plate along with water will power the vehicle. This electric car is based on an incubation cell and the start-up was commenced two years back. They have developed the batteries that work with Aluminum and water. Notably, we have seen projects all around the globe working on water-running vehicles, however, this is the first time India has contributed to the thought and it is way better than many other theories on paper.

Where does it get better?

When someone thinks that the car mileage would be an issue, students confirmed that the car will be offering a range of staggering 1000 KMs in a single charge and it will require only 1L of water to cover almost 300 KMs. After you are over 1000 KMs, all you have to do is change the aluminum plates and voila, it will be good for another 1000 KMs again.

What will be its cost?

The whole process will hardly take less than 15 minutes. One plate right now costs around 5000 INR but as the demand will go up, the students expect that rates will import down. The car is under development process right now and is being tested for commercial availability.

The founder of Log9 Materials and IITian Akshay Singhal confirmed while talking to The Print that he has already started talking to some automobile companies and few of them even have a huge interest in the prototype.

The Technology Behind Car’s Mechanism

The whole process is based on a simple electrochemical reaction that takes place inside the car to produce enough electricity to move a car. This is a simple fuel cell technology. The metal plate inside the cars has Graphene rod and water carries the ions required by positive and negative nods. The process generates an ample amount of electrical energy used further by cars engine. The students believe that this is a breakthrough idea and these batteries will have a long run in the future.


Oil Price Hike

India is certainly a growth-oriented country but increasing oil-import bills has seen every government fail to control the increasing fuel prices. Not long ago, the petrol prices were as high as Rs 90 per liter. The idea of motor vehicles running on different sources will definitely control the fuel prices and the innovation will be a smart push to the future of electric cars. Now the biggest challenge for these innovative minds will be to keep the car prices in margins for an average Indian.