A new version of Candy Crush is out on all mobile platforms and the CEO Riccardo Zacconi is calling it the biggest release for King in the past four years. Candy Crush Friends Saga is launched with 380 sweetest levels. Not only that, the developer justifies the name with numerous animated friends. They can help you out in completing puzzles through special powers, new costumes, and finally with new candies.

“I think what we have done with ‘Friends’ is taken the best of what we had from the first three and bring it all forward and then take all of that to the next level,” Zacconi said while talking to Variety. “The focus was to make it a game that gives you a sense of instant reward.”

King has a belief that this launch will not only impress the current players of the game but it will draw the attention of those who left Candy Crush two or three titles ago. Just to centralize on that, the team has worked past few years on every core element of the new installment: Friends.

“The key thing we brought into the game is characters who really help you in the game,” he further added. “They all have their own style and personality and do fun stuff.”

Candy Crush Friends Saga takes the player to a more personal vision of the King’s world, zoomed in as if you playing from inside the phone. It spreads the next 10 or something moves in advance in a way that you are inside the game’s board. The player can see a prize box lying at the end of that challenge strip. The matches though are still based on the basic functionality of swiping candies and lining three or more similar ones to make them disappear, explode, or go away in one way or another. The 3D gaming look is still there but now you are also joined by some enjoyable characters.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Gameplay

At the start, there’s a pig-tailed girl named Tiffi who has a massive head and gives you thousands of smiles. Tiffi keeps her eye on your performance and once you are done blowing 10 red candies, she turns any random candy into a ‘candy fish’. Swiping the fish with its color makes it swim through the board to help you get your goal.

With your progression in the game, new characters, each with different special powers, are unlocked. Yeti creates a wrapped candy that explodes, while Nutcracker randomly smacks candies when you have blown enough blue jawbreakers. There are unlockable costumes for all the characters.

  • Candy Crush Friends Saga is full of 380 sweet levels, with a range of challenging modes including:
  • Free the Octopuses: Save the struck octopuses on the board by exploding layers of candies by them.
  • Find the Animals: Save the animals hidden under ice tiles cracking ice through matching candies at the side of the animal tile.
  • Collect the Hearts: Collect heart-shaped molds by filling them.
  • Spread the Jam: It’s simply spreading jam all over the board, to make the candies sweeter.
  • Dunk the Cookies: Match candies to move the cookies stuck between these candies and help these cookies to reach the chocolate at the bottom of the board.