The Google Playstore has recently been affected by lots of apps which are engaged in suspicious behaviour. All these malicious activities are affected by fraudulent ads as well as seeing harmful codes. But apart from all these unlawful activities, some apps which are loaded with the trojan virus or suspicious objects are seen from time to time as well as are booted off the app repository. Not only this but also these apps are being downloaded in tonnes and affecting lots of devices. Among all these the recent app which is all around in the news and also is booted out from the Google Play Store is CamScanner. CamScanner is such an app which helps in converting photo files in the form of PDF format. Not only this but also this app is popular among most of the android users. Recently CamScanner has been spotted containing certain malware which can see the ad as well as tricks the app users to sign up for certain paid services.

The malware was recently researched by Kaspersky researchers. The researchers have revealed that the recent versions of the CamScanner are developed with an advertising library which is loaded with certain malicious modules. The malicious module has been found in the form of Trojan-Dropper module. This was basically found as “Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n”. This particular malicious object was earlier found in some Chinese based app also. Now the main question arises here is what does this particular module do? So this malicious module it extracts as well as run another malicious module from certain encrypted file which is being found in the resources of the app.

The “dropped” module which is also known as the resource linked module was spotted to be a Trojan downloader. This particular module used to download lots of harmful files. After downloading these harmful files what it does was depending on how the various other malicious party intended to make the wrong use of these modules. One of the most possible used cases is that such kind of malicious module was able to display intrusive ads and used to trick the users to sign up for the paid services. Presently CamScanner has more than 100 millions of downloads. So, in this case, there are some users who spotted the sketchy behaviour of the app and started posting the reviews on the Google Play Store. The main motive of the users was to prevent other users from downloading the CamScanner.

When the researchers of the Kaspersky came across the ads dropper in the recent version of the CamScanner app, the team immediately started reporting it to the Google and the Google instantly took an action of removing this app from the Google Play Store. But different smartphones may be running in the different versions of the applications, some of them might contain the malicious code in the resource files of the app. So we recommend everyone to immediately uninstall the CamScanner app and redownload it only when the app is back on the Google Play Store once the verification is being done.

The Kaspersky reported that “After analyzing the app, we saw an advertising library in it that contains a malicious dropper component. Previously, a smaller module was often found in pre-installed malware on Chinese-made smartphones. It can be assumed that the reason why this malware was added was the app developers’ partnership with an unscrupulous advertiser.”

They further stated that “Kaspersky solutions detect this malicious component as Trojen-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n. We reported to Google company about our findings and the app was promptly removed from the Google Play.”

Now let us have a look at the features of the CamScanner app.

With the help of CamScanner, any document can be easily digitized and saved instantly with just a few clicks with the mobile phone. All you need to do is just click a photo and the other things will be operated by the CamScanner itself.

  • This app will enable to scan any kind of document in just a few seconds no matter whether it is a text or graphics.
  • The app also has the capability to scan multiple files.
  • The scanned photos can also easily be auto-cropped.
  • Smart-enhancing the scanned output.
  • There are various enhance modes available which you can be able to control.
  • Creating PDF files for the scanning purpose.
  • Customizing the PDF files.

The users can easily access and edit the documents anytime as well as anywhere as per there preferences. You can also be able to add notes to any type of documents. There are also various modes available to view the files.

Not only this but also the scanned documents can be easily shared whether it is PDF or JPG through email. You can even save them in the cloud network by uploading there.