The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare team with a limited time snowball battle game is spreading some holiday cheer this season.

In the latest update of the game, Infinity Ward and Activision are rolling out a cleverly titled “Snowfight” new gunfight mode that allows players to trade snowballs in their guns. You and a partner will be able to fight enemies with chunks of snow instead of grenades and guns from now until 1 pm ET on December 31st. Snowballs work a lot like other throwable objects in the game, such as knives, and players can pick them up through the new map of Winter Docks.

The map of the Winter Docks is adorned with wreaths, holiday lights, and a group of four snowmen that look scary. You’re going to trigger a fun, seasonal easter egg if you decide to destroy the snowmen.

According to GameRant, players will begin with snowballs in the first round of a Gunfight match. They can use weapons after that round, but they also continue to pick up snowballs throughout the rest of the game throughout the world.

Call of Duty has a few holiday updates: Online players too. A new game-mode of Prop Hunt will run through December 31st, and by December 29th you will be able to win a new royal battle level.

About the game

Developed by Tencent Games (the same guys who bring you almost every half-decent mobile game), COD Mobile takes Activision Blizzard’s beloved franchise and turns it into a bit of pew in your pocket (take that however you will). The game is reportedly already bragging 20 million downloads in 2 days with some Tencent representatives telling media that the game had 6 times more players on opening than PUBG Mobile (which was also developed by Tencent). Here’s everything you need to know about the new mobile must have:


Call of Duty Mobile is free to play, but, like all good mobile games, there are in-game purchases that you blow moola on, to form the dev some cash. You’ll be ready to spend money on the standard loot like custom skins. There are some options from your favorite games within the franchise, including the choice to unlock characters from Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

What phone do I need?

The game launched on Android and iOS. If you’re with the fruit brand, you’ll get to have a tool that runs iOS 9.0 or later, so anything from an iPhone 6 should do the trick. For Android users, you’ll need a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a phone running Android 5.1 or later. Despite launching with controller support, the sport has since been updated and won’t allow controller link-ups. So you’re going to be all thumbs with this one. Reportedly, controller support might come at a later date.

More than just a random shoot them up.

Call of Duty Mobile offers you several gameplay options, including the favorites you’ll have jammed on the console or PC version. There’s Team Deathmatch, Domination, SND, and a few other options available. There is also a Battle Royale type mode that has been added to the sport, if that’s your jam. Tencent has gone a step further and incorporated a social aspect to your gameplay: you’ll be able to link up with your friends on Facebook, form groups and go on missions together, which is an excellent addition.

Competitive play

South Africa has been one of the quickest regions to jump into competitive play with the new mobile game. Social platform ACGL has already announced its first casual Call of Duty Mobile tournament, which will happen on October 10th. The online competition will be an SND battle, and players can register online to play. No word yet on any other tournaments, but no doubt they’ll drop soon.

The big servers question When any game becomes available in South Africa, our first question is always about whether or not there will be local servers. Recently Tencent Africa announced the deployment of servers for PUBG Mobile within the region, so in fact, the question around Call of Duty Mobile has arisen…. For now, Tencent Africa has remained mum on any news around servers for the sport. However, little question PUBG Mobile’s potential success with local servers may lead the way for games like COD Mobile to explore an identical option.