Call of Duty Mobile Developers as well as TiMi Studios has rolled out the Season 2 update for the game after weeks of teasing. Needless to say, the Call of Duty is one of the fastest-growing battle royale titles for mobile users. And the new update has been introduced soon after the developers have announced that the game has been downloaded more than 35 million times. Coming to the primary part, the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2  update has come up with a lot of new features which include the most awaited Zombies mode. This mode is now available with two new game modes, controller support, a limited time new map and lots more. In this article, we have discussed the features of the COD: Mobile Season 2 update.

Zombies mode

As we have said that this has been the most awaited feature of the Call of Duty and this mode is something that Call of Duty is well known for. Yes, it is true that there are various COD games for PC as well as consoles that provide Zombies mode along with standard narrative as well as online multiplayer. But for COD: Mobile this is the first time which is facing Zombies in two different modes. The first and foremost mode is the Raid Mode which will let the players in exploring the classic COD: World at War zombies’ map Shi No Numa. Following are the objectives of this mode:

  • It is a round-based match with 8 hours of round limit for Normal difficulty.
  • There are two ways to earn points which are to kill zombies and to board windows.
  • In case of hardcore difficulty, it is a 12 round limit.
  • The gamers can earn new loot from zombies in each match.
  • The gamers can explore above and below the ground to find clues on why the lab was abandoned.

The second most mode is the Endless Survival Mode where the players will be facing endless waves of Zombies for testing their skills and get their best scores. Apart from this, all the features will be similar to that of Raid mode except the boss fight. There will also be some unique weapons for both of the modes which are featured with perks.

Controller Support

Controller Support is the feature which was missing in the Call of Duty: Mobile since it was launched and through the help of this now the players will be able to pair DUALSHOCK4 PlayStation 4 as well as the Xbox One controller easily with their devices for playing the title. For this one needs to enable the controller settings in-game before syncing the wireless controller. As per the developers, the gamers who are using controllers can be matched with various other gamers who are using controllers. Having said that if one of the team members is playing with a controller, then the entire team will be matched up with other people who are using controllers.

New Login Options

The new update of COD: Mobile has also come up with two new methods for signing into the game except the already existing Facebook as well as Guest login. If the players are playing through the guest account, then they can now link it to Game Center account or Google Play to sync data and save progress. However, it does not take any information from the profile such as the profile picture, etc.

Multiplayer and battle royale mode updates

As per the reports, the Activision is also adding some extra features to the existing multiplayer as well as battle royale modes along with the new update. One of the biggest updates is the Summit. Apart from this, the new map will be available along with the winter-themed version of Raid. Additional modes which will be available very soon are Sticks and stones, One Shot, Prop Hunt as well as One Kill. Scorestreaks, as well as Operator Skill, are also being introduced but the company have not revealed about it yet. Additionally the Battle Royale mode, the new map areas are made available for the players for exploring Circus themed as well as snowy areas alongside some new upgradation in maps and a new M16 rifle that has been added to the map that makes 5.56mm rounds. To download COD: Mobile Season 2 is extremely easy. If you are the one who is using an Android phone, just proceed to the Google Play store and search for Call of Duty: Mobile. As the update has been rolled out all across the world, there is an option called update by clicking which you can update the game easily. On the other hand, if you are an iOS user, boot up the App Store and search for the game and update it. Once you have updated it, you will be having full access over the newly launched features.