Finally, Call of Duty mobile version has got its all-new Halloween update for its gamers. This latest update from Call of Duty has come up just after the PUBG Mobile 0.15 update has come live along with its Halloween theme content. This recent update fro Call of Duty Mobile has introduced with the brand new themed content and this update will be live all throughout a limited-time event. In this new update, the game has introduced a reskinned Standoff map. This was originally known as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Apart from that, there are various other small rewards which have arrived along with the new update which includes limited-time game mode, a free weapon, brand new skills and lots more. The gamers who have updated to this mode getting a battle crate as well as epic weapon XP card (500 XP). Not only this but also the Call of Duty Mobile has been providing free weapon at the time of Halloween login event. Apart from this, the updated version of the Call of Duty Mobile has introduced few themes as well as background music in the games. Let us take it this way, the Standoff MP mao has got the Halloween themed outlook and makeover. Starting from the items, operators, as well as weapons, have also got the Halloween makeover.

The players can now be able to download the app in just 83.14 MB on their mobiles. Now for downloading the app all you need to do is simply launch the game and you will be allowed to update. However, as per the reports, Activision is now been testing Xbox/PS4 One controller for Call of Duty Mobile but there is no such official word on the date of release. Now let us talk about it briefly about all the features of Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update.

Call of Duty Halloween Update

After you download the new update and launching the game, you have to complete the initial loading screen. After the completion of these steps, you will be asked to update the game. Here you may even choose to cancel the update. Following are the new Call of Duty Halloween update features which you need to know:

New Sparrow operator skill

The brand new sparrow operator skill in Call of Duty is recent of the none score streak related powerhouse skills which are used for making it into the mobile shooter. This sparrow event which has been launched in the Call of Duty update mobile includes completing 10 different activities which can help in performing in multiplayer matches. After the completion of every two tasks, you will be receiving special rewards along with the Sparrow being rewarded after you have completed the 10th task.

Limited time hardpoint game mode

In this limited-time hardpoint game mode in Call of Duty, the two different teams each of four to six players will be facing off against each other in this fast-paced match. There they have to fight over the specified hardpoint locations where they will be earning points for their teams. Here the first team who will be reaching 250 points in 5 minutes will be winning the match. Not only this but also each hardpoint will be lasting for 60 seconds before proceeding to another location on the map.

A new Battle Royale chips called Airborne

The new battle royale chips which are also called Airborne is locked in the game along with the stay tuned option on it. Here the gamers can summon an ejection device by using this class which can send the whole teams in the air as well as deploys wings for gliding which will help in enabling players to manoeuvre all across the map.

A new scorestreak – Molotov Cocktail

The new scorestreak which is also known as Molotov Cocktail in the Call of Duty is thrown grenade type of weapon which explodes on the contact and then set the striking surface blazing for a little span of time. This type of explosion, as well as flames, can lead to damage. This Molotov Cocktail leaves a flaming blaze on the effected point which damages those nearby areas and then enters into it. It is a powerful area denial weapon which can turn the battle or even disturb the teammates of the players.

Apart from this, the last and final feature is the new skin for weapons, operators as well as items as we have already mentioned above and we will not go through in details.

Adding to this new update of the Call of Duty, the multiplayer map Standoff which has been redesigned along with the Halloween inspired the spooky look. There are also some limited time events for this Halloween season which include the following:

  • Free weapon at the time of Halloween log-in event.
  • The free battle crate as well as epic weapon XP card.
  • Halloween themed ID collection event.

For adding to this seasonal theme the Call of Duty Mobile version is also featured with the brand new loading screen as well as the loading screen which has also been updated along with the new animations. Just inside the game, you will be getting a home screen which is updated. Having said that the multiplayer screen has not been redesigned as such. Now to make the gameplay experience of the player much better, the game developers of the Call of Duty mobile have also added various other balanced changes in the Call of Duty which include the following:

  • Adjusted performance of hip fire on Type 25
  • Slightly reduced close range damage on Type 25

Earlier the game was launched with various other bugs but the developers of the Call of Duty have worked hard to get all these bugs to get fixed. Having said that this update is surely going to break all the records in the gaming world.