It has been a long time that the Call of Duty has been launched on Android specifically for the closed beta testing phase. Having said that, it was available only for a short span of time. I hope you have installed Call of Duty on your Mobile and Enjoying the Game, So if you have any low ended Mobile and Facing any graphics Problem, then you can Use the COD Gfx tool to Enjoy a Smooth and Hd Quality Gaming Experience.

Many players have earlier registered for the closed bet program. Having said that, after the pre-registration, it took some time for the activation for the game for almost a month. But here is good news for all the gamers that publisher Tencent Games is now all set to launch the online multiplayer shooting game to both iOS as well as Android platforms very soon. Not only this but it is also going to stay for a lifetime under the stable build.

We have come to know after seeing the official announcement made by the team through a post through social media. The team of Call of Duty has finally announced a few days ago that the permanent version of the Call of Duty  Mobile is going to be launched very soon to both iOS as well as Android platforms. The users can be able to download the game through the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store for free. Not only this but it ill also be sharing its DNA with PUBG Mobile which is published by Tencent Games.

While the game was on the closed beta, the experts have tried out the Call of Duty Mobile. While testing it there are lots of similarities between the Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile. Having said there even a lot of things new for the PUBG Mobile players which they will be experiencing for the very first time. This game is featured with some sort of characteristic COD elements from the well-known PC titles of the past. Not only this but it also adds its own flair in the mix. Now let us have a look at what are the specific features in this game which makes it different from the PUBG Mobile.

What makes the Call of Duty different from the PUBG Mobile?

As we have already mentioned above the Call of Duty have some features which look quite similar to the PUBG Mobile but apart from that it has some online shooting features which offer the online shooting experience to the users along with the classic COD style twist which most f the users have earlier viewed in the PC. Let us discuss it broadly.

All the gamers will be experiencing various multiplayer modes. This game will be offering an option between unranked or ranked matches. Along with that the players can even select between COD style missions like Search and Destroy, Free for all, Team Deathmatch, Domination as well as Hardpoint and Frontline. The gamers who are playing in the PC version are experiencing iconic maps such as Crossfire, Crash, Standoff, Hijacked, Firing Range, as well as Killhouse. All these modes are available to fight on.

Second most important features of this game which are similar to the PUBG Mobile is the battle royale mode in COD Mobile. And like the PUBG mobile, it also has 100 players in total which will be jumping in an abandoned map altogether and then start fighting it out to be the last one standing. However, the players can be the lone ranger fighting just against all other players or they need to select for going out with a group of four.

While all the four players are playing in the squad in the battle royale mode, each and every player has to select a specific role for the character. Having said that, the players can either be the medic taking care of their teammates and heal faster as compared to the others. In the form of the mechanic, the player has to select the cool weapon such as EMP drones, augmented views and lots more. Not only this, but the players can even play in the form of the Clown with the power for summoning zombies to protect against their enemies. Even the scout will be helping the player for getting an idea about the ill will conditions nearby with the help of Sensor Darts as well as footprint tracking.

The features do not end here, the gamers can also experience a giant arsenal of professional type of equipment, preferably weapons which can even be upgraded for giving the player a better chance against their enemies. This type of upgradation system of weapons is quite similar to the PUBG mobile.

Coming to the graphics which makes the Call of Duty the biggest competitor of the PUBG Mobile. The phone which falls under the flagship specifications, this particular game focuses on the better quality textures as well as visual effects as compared to the PUBG Mobile. Along with that, the clothes of the players look quite similar to the PC version.

Let us have a look at the biggest difference between the PUBG Mobile as well as Call Of Duty. This difference is all about the theme. Call of Duty focusses on the Classic COD style military theme in all the gameplay modes of the game. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile prefers more on the survival-themed gameplay.

How to download Call of Duty?

The users can be able to download Call Of Duty for mobile. This game is compatible with all the smartphones which are running at least 2 GB of RAM as well as Android 5.1 and above. Coming to the iPhones, the Call of Duty Mobile version for iPhones need to have at least iOS 9.0 and more than that. If you have the old generation iPhone such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 as well as iPod Touch. then this game will not be supported on any of these devices. Now after seeing so many amazing features of the Call of Duty, all the game lovers will definitely opt for this game as they will be getting the advanced gaming experience here.