As we are moving forward to the end of the year, we are closing in on releases of various high profile video games among which Borderlands 3 is one of the most highly anticipated releases. The game itself had various follow-ups which include Borderlands 2 in the year 2012 as well as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in 2014. Previous versions, Borderlands 3 will be centering on legendary tombs filled with monsters as well as treasures and Vaults. The gamers here have to control one of the groups of hunters by chasing down a pair of evil twins along with their own cult. Not only this but also Borderlands 3 consists of various slot machines which will allow the players to win fantastic prize money or different versions of weapons. The idea came because of the raising awareness of online casino games websites” in the last decade. This option gives the players the possibility to experience the casino luck in the game itself. This is similar to Borderlands 2. We will recommend you to play the slot with a group of other players for multiplying your cash.

Slot Machine Rewards

  • Three Single Eridium: 4 pieces
  • Three double Eridium: 8 pieces
  • Three Triple Eridium: 12 pieces
  • Three Sevens: Uncommon character skin from weapon manufacturer
  • Three Bells: More money for gambling
  • Three Cherries: Green weapon
  • Three Moxxi Symbols: Blue weapons
  • Three Marcus Symbols: Purple Weapon
  • Three Vault Symbols: Orange weapon
  • A pair of a symbol with a bell: A sum of money
  • A pair of symbols with a non-matching symbol: White weapon

Vault Hunters

The main reason for the success of Borderlands is the Vault Hunters which the players can play as. The four different players have a different style to play which are supported by various other memorable nonplayable characters like Lilith, loudmouth robot Claptrap, the leader of the Crimson Raiders. Borderlands 3 provides four new Vault Players to play as FL4K, Zane, and Moze. This is similar to Borderlands 2.

To Pandora and beyond

Earlier in the two borderlands games, the players got to know the secret behind the Vaults, legendary caches which are filled with riches and alien technology. However, in Borderlands 3 the gamers have to go to Pandora’s moon, Elpis for finding its Vault.

So in this game, the players can explore the new world for the very first time. At E3, the developers have unveiled a new planet, Eden-6. It is a swampy planet which is quite different from a desert and rocky wasteland of Pandora. Here the gamers will have to contend with new animal life such as Jabbers and Saurians.

A kind looter-shooter

One of the biggest changes in Borderlands 3 is how the game handles loot. The players being looter-shooter have to defeat the enemies and then complete quest for getting the best equipment in the game. The Gearbox has also created loot instancing which means that when the player’s team up, each of them will be having their own loot drop from enemies which only they can pick up.

The gearbox will also be including a new feature which is known as Dynamic missions where new quests can become available as per the progress of their friends.

Last but not the least, Borderlands 3 will have a New Game+ option which is known as True Vault Hunter mode which will let you restart the campaign with your present levels and equipment. However, enemies will be much harder this time.