Videography, the fancy word of yesteryears is now almost a necessity. Definitely professionals take it to a different level but like other things, this art form is also made easy for the “not so creative” common man.

This art which at one time used to be a privileged talent is now a task anyone can do even with their left hand, quite literally. Now we, common folks, don’t know much about the intricacies of videography and the lights and the angles and the transitions, but it is none the less a very interesting form of expressing one’s emotion, sharing their memories and treasuring them in another form of art. Like always technology comes to help here.

These mobile applications let you edit and enhance your video from wherever you want and whenever you want. But like many other things in the market we never know what the best application to use is. That’s where this article comes into the picture. Here we will shortlist a few of our favorite applications for video editing and save you the time and effort of searching for the best yourself.

Best Video Editing Apps in 2018


Many of the Mac users out there must be familiar with this application on their laptops but now you can reap its benefits on your other iOS devices as well. This updated version of the application also can be used on the new iPhone X and definitely takes complete advantage of its 5.8-inch OLED display.

Now the question is what is so special about this application that it has come right on the top of our list. Frankly, if that is the question all you have to do is look at the “i” before the “Movie”. That prefix sets anything apart from its contemporaries. Along with the normal viewing editing and exporting video, this application gives you a wide variety of functionalities.

For example, it allows you to share one small part of a whole video with friends, within the app. You can create movie trailer like videos it might be a prologue of your amazing girl’s trip or a pre-wedding video. But it doesn’t end only at amateur this application even lets you make or edit entire films in it. With inbuilt themes and another characteristic, this application does go an extra mile to enhance your video editing experience.


This application may not be as fancy as others but it definitely has unparalleled success in the social networking, video editing stream. As the name suggests this application doesn’t go in for huge movies or edits but rather focuses on small social media friendly content making.

That one scene that perfectly suits the conversation you’re having with the friend but you just can’t find the right GIF?

Create your Own GIF using CLIP

Clips let you make it on your own. Just record the part from the movie in the application, throw in that perfect one-liner and Bam! Your perfect GIF is ready in a “GIFFY”. No pun intended there. Well, this application isn’t going to get any credit for an Oscar movie. But we can guarantee that most of the social media content you’re liking, sharing or commenting on is a product of this application. We believe that some of those videos too deserve an Oscar.  

Adobe Premiere Clip

Are Android users feeling a left out there? Do not fret we have got you covered too, that too with one of the big guns in the editing industry. Adobe – the name in itself isn’t anything less than an introduction. Adobe definitely surprises us every time with its amazing applications, be it through Photoshop or other mobile photo editing application.

This time too this video editing application doesn’t disappoint. Adobe lets you have your video editing studio right on your phone. It can definitely do the usual music, transitions, cutting, pasting etc. but along with that, it has another amazing functionality that automatically creates videos for you with any photos you like. The best part is yet to come.

With all these outstanding features this adobe application is completely free of cost as well as ads. Surprised?  We couldn’t believe it too.


Do you know what a green screen video is? We don’t. But if you are one of those people who answers the question with a yes then this application is definitely your to- go place. By now you must have guessed this application is made for the very professional amateurs.

Its interface, at first, appears to be slightly complex but trust us once you get a hang of it you will start a stream of extremely professional video edits. This application does aid you with a variety of more than thirty different effects and many other transitions.

Having said all this, this application’s app makers were pretty considerate about the non-professional amateurs like us. Therefore this application comes with video tutorials for all its functions. All in all this application is a must-have in your phone if you are an enthusiastic videographer.


Did we talk about thirty odd effects? Well, let us increase our horizons a bit more. How about a hundred different editing choices to spoil you with? Yes, this app has it. Don’t let its placement on this list hinder your choice and make you hesitant about this application. Even though last in the list, this application is one of the best video editing application for Android and boasts of above two hundred million users all around the world. Wow! That’s definitely a lot of zeros.


You don’t think these 200 million use a worthless application, do you?  Because this “Free” application is truly priceless. Along with the generic functions, all the video editing applications have this application stands out due to its slow motion video making and slideshow making features. Seems like ages ago that we needed “Windows Movie Maker” for all this. Now it’s at your fingertips.


Now that you have this consolidated list of few of the best video editing application let the inner videographer in you come out and conquer the world. Happy editing!