Best Travel Gadgets for 2019

If you want to keep up with the ongoing technology and make your life easier you should try to include some great gadgets in your life. There are many technologies that were specifically made to make traveling bearable

If you are constantly on the move it doesn’t matter if it is for leisure or work, you have to check out some of the traveling gadgets in order to enjoy your traveling even more. In this article, we will highlight some of the best travel gadgets for 2019.

Skyroam Solis X

We all experience some trouble to find a stable connection when we are on the move, especially in some countries that have poor Wi-Fi coverage. Skyroam Solix X is one of the most powerful hotspots on the market, and the world’s first WiFi smart spot. This is the best way to make sure you have the best internet coverage wherever you go. It also works outside of your country by purchasing a 4G high-speed LTE mobile network for a monthly fee of $9. It can connect up to 10 devices and access remote features through your phone.

Aukey Ora iPhone Clip-On Lens

If you want to create perfect photos on your travels all through your phone, you have to get some sort of lens extension. Today’s technology improves at a rapid rate and we can see all kinds of gadgets everywhere we turn such as home, on work, and even on sports like the NFL Super Bowl and now you can take photos like a professional only for less than $20. Aukey’s lens kit has two different lenses such as wide-angle option with 140-degree view and 10x macro lens for zooming. They are made from aluminum and pretty tough so they can withstand some action. This is a great alternative for DSLR camera.

Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

Running out of power is the most common problem when you are traveling. You are constantly on the move with your charging cable looking for a place to plug it in. However, sometimes it is hard to find one since all of them are already taken. With this adapter, you will be able to charge four devices only through one charging cable. This device has a built-in voltage converter, so it tunes the power to your needs so you can use the hair drier or charge your laptop. 

Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger

If you are a person who often travels to remote places where is hard to find where to charge your phone, a portable charger is a way to go. It packs incredible power with 13000mAh 2-Port Charger with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology for faster charging. You can also select an option that comes with USB-C cable, for even faster charging.

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Humidifier

If you are people who have some respiratory issues due to not well-cleaned air-conditioning units and dust in hotels, packing a personal humidifier is the best thing to do. This device does not pack any special technologies, it is a simple twist on a regular plastic bottle where you can plug it into your USB port or use 3 AA batteries that will give you 18 hours of uptime. It will make your nights much calmer without any dust allergies.

Lemontec Portable Garment Steamer

We all know the trouble of carrying an iron on your travels just because it is not that practical. In order to look sharp all of the time, you could choose the portable mini steamer that removes wrinkles from your clothes. It takes about 9 minutes to heat up and it is perfect for steam ironing. Even though there is a small and more compact option available, you will have to refill it constantly while with Lemontec you will get a good 6 ounces.

These are some of the best travel gadgets you should consider for your next trip. Most of them are inexpensive options but can make your travel much easier.