Every few years a few things just go out of fashion and other things take their place. Slowly but surely this is happening to the “Movie Culture”. Our generation now barely watches TV. The positioning of the TV right in front of the sofa or even the need of TVs is reducing. Instead, Streaming applications and online broadcasting are ruling over the entertainment media industry. Now we definitely know of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and YouTube. But there are quite few streaming services which are much more pocket friendly but being overshadowed by these big names. In this article we will try to improve your streaming options and widen your horizons to more than just “Netflix and Chill”.

Best Pocket- friendly Streaming Application in 2018

Popcorn Flix

Just the name makes us imagine a free night at home with a tub of salted popcorn in a cozy blanket and the perfect movie. Well this application doesn’t only induce such dreams but also fulfils them. This is an official application available on Playstore and iOS that brings to you more than 700 movies completely free of cost.

This application works on ad based support. So sure you’ll have to endure a few ads here and there but we think you prefer that to a hefty subscription fee.  Also don’t belittle this application it does have quite a few good names added to it with Brad Pitt and Kristen Stewart starrers in the list. And this list keeps replenishing so there is absolutely no chance of getting bored .

BigStar Movies

Now this application isn’t a mainstream streaming application. This one is for the hardcore movie lovers who want more than Hollywood. And nurture a more foreign taste in movies. This is the application to watch independent movies, foreign films along with quite a few short movies.

Now as mentioned this application isn’t for the Hollywood lovers but if you’re looking for something other than mainstream movies, this application and its variety does disappoint you even a bit. Even though it has non Hollywood films these films are well placed over various genres such as romance, action, comedy etc. Now this application does provide more than 100 titles for free but the whole set can be unlocked for just $4.99 a month. It definitely seems like a thing the unconventional movie buffs should give a try.


Another free application easily available to us is Viewster. It enables you to watch movies tv series and even anime without payment or even a subscription. Yes you got that right you don’t even need to sign up on this application to watch the huge content portfolio of this application.

Even we don’t know how this an amazing application can be legal as well as free at the same time but we are definitely not going to waste time thinking about it. Get going and start viewing.


All those with those fancy android TVs out there this application is just for you. This completely legal way of watching free movies gives you no charge access to over 5000 movies, documentaries and TV shows. We were sold at that but the application just keeps throwing more at us, quite literally.

Every month this application replenishes the already vast movie portfolio. So when we say more than 5000 its an always increasing number. All these movies tv shows and documentaries are classified according to genres making it a very user friendly interface. We cannot find one flaw with this application. You should definitely give it a try.

Google Play Movies and TV

For many phones this application is already present. But with the other great apps by google we somehow feel that this application has been overshadowed and undermined. This google application is dedicated to buying or renting movies or TV shows but once in a while Google does give us an opportunity of a free rental, be it of a movie or a tv show.

And we have another trick to use this application almost for free. All you have to do is install Google Rewards application. Now this application does annoy you a bit by sending you some surveys every month. But filling and answering these surveys lead to you being awarded some points or credits which you can intern use to rent or buy movies TV shows etc. thus making this application also an almost free application.


There you have it. Few of the best and almost free streaming services to feed the movie buff inside you. Now you can go and enjoy your happy evening in your bed or couch with your favourite movie and without any hassle.