Life is just too boring, too monotonous. You need some zing in it some something exciting. Don’t you feel that sometimes? Just the feel of adrenaline in your bones that level of surprise, risk, and excitement. Casinos do get you that feeling, don’t they? The constant gamble to do or not to do.

But you cant always book a weekend in Las Vegas just for your 5-minute adrenalin craving, can you? Guess what now you don’t have to. Now you just have to download these applications for the right dosage of casinos to your everyday mundane life. These portable casinos are your place to relieve your tension whenever and wherever. And, as usual, to get you over the first step of choosing the perfect site or application we are here at your service. Just to remind you the players will get chances to win exciting prizes in Snabb

Best Online Casino Games in 2018

Planet 7

Planet 7

Can’t you almost feel your brain saying choose this its the magical number? You can go with that gut, but we will still give you a few better reasons than just that. This application is said to be the Casino for the classy.

And you get this feeling the minute you open its homepage. It almost transports you to the age of the slick black bowler hats with a smart trench coat a pipe in your hand and an abundance of cash by your side to gambling with.

Planet 7

On opening this application by Real Time Gaming, you will see a banner which will show you your welcome bonus on looking beyond that you will have options for instant play or downloading other casinos all you have to do is click a button and get gambling.

Wild Vegas Casino

We know you’ve already started downloading this one after listening to the name but take a pause and get to know a bit about it. Another big one by Real-Time Games, this online casino is a constituent of the Virtual Casino Group. Do you want more fancy than that?

Well, it has been licensed in Costa Rica. This application specifically looks into the comfort of its players as it makes sure the customer can play this on the go. Available on mobiles as well as tabs, this is a laid-out interface, which allows easy access to play and download various casino game all according to your choice. It also has a well-encrypted technology that even makes your transactions easy and secure.

Drake Casino

This another big player in the casino games portfolio is said to be one of the best online casinos you will ever have the pleasure of playing in. Initially, on entering they will also offer you the mobile version of their game but you can basically play without it too.

So, you just don’t have to download anything for this casino. They believe in getting many players to come to play with hence they facilitate the playing of all casinos related games that are made by BetSoft software. We just cannot find a fault with this one. With amazing interface and graphics, compelling background sound and an amazing environment. This is truly one of the best online casinos you will come across.

Malibu Club

Let’s move on from Las Vegas, shall we? Expand our horizons a bit and step into the magical world of Malibu club casino. This product of the Rival company is somewhat different from the other games shown here. It focuses on giving the players much more than casino games. It gives the players the infrastructure and experience of a real casino club.

Another thing that sets this one apart is its focus on quality over quantity. This game gives out comparatively fewer games, but the quality of those games is to die for. Even with comparatively less quantity, it does have quite a few games to offer and also a huge variety in player ethnicities. Well, it even gives you high chances of winning bonuses thus making it much more appealing.

Palace of Chance

The name cannot get any more appropriate, can it? This game does what it says it does make you feel like a king in its palace. Now this one does have a few negatives like the fact that it isn’t available on mobile or tablet, but it does make up for it in its quality. The VIP program of this game is McAfee protected thus making you, your money and this application feel quite secure.

It also comes with a downloadable option along with an instant play option. This game too is a part of the Wisol International casino and is licensed in Costa Rica.

Gone are days of continuous boredom. Now you can take a small casino break whenever and wherever you feel like and try all these applications according to your whims and fancies.