There is no such thing as too much money. With the booming economy, one needs to keep up his or her pace if they want to survive. Just earning money isn’t enough, we need to invest it for higher returns as well. But again, we can’t keep an eye on it continuously at least not when it’s strictly related to our computers or laptops. Well, now we don’t have that excuse. Mutual funds mobile application is undoubtedly a whole industry in its own. It was recorded in the past year that on a daily bases and average of 9 applications are used by people while the number shoots up to an average of 30 in a month. Now if you go by this data put forth we should be adept with the applications where we use money shouldn’t we?

Best Mutual Fund Apps in 2018


This platform majorly acts as a middleman between you and the third-party investment brokerage accounts as well as the SigFig advisors. This robot investing platform is not just a middleman but also an advisor. It provides you with advisory services in the time when your account is held at the brokerage.

It basically has two services a portfolio tracker which is a free service and a managed account. Both these services come with additional benefits such as live support be it with phone or chat. The managed account even includes other qualities such as automatic reinvesting, tax loss harvesting etc it also gives you access to a financial advisor. Seems surreal in just an application, doesn’t it?


Now don’t you go ahead of yourself by getting any ideas with this name. This is a very legal and extremely helpful mutual funds investment application which we just fell in love with. One special trait of this application is it makes mutual funds and investments interesting. So it has over 30 themed investments that one can filter through based on risk tolerance and preference.

And the fun part is that this application gives all its investments very wacky names. Now guess what the delicious dividends stands for, its a nickname for the Schwab U. S. Dividend equity. Fancy, isn’t it?  This application is one of the best choices for newcomers or even college grads who can invest mall amounts of money starting from 5 dollars through this application. So don’t waste a moment get going.


We believe this name is given to the application for its similarity with the little squirrel saving its acorns little by little. Going by this analogy this application does exactly that. It saves your spare change. Confused? It’s not that complex.

This application works with your linked credit and debit cards and also now with PayPal. When you purchase something this application rounds it off to the nearest whole number and saves the change. Hence the spendthrift in you can actually try some hands-on in earning and multiplying by spending. This is at the moment available for taxable accounts only but soon is opening for traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts as well.


Just the names got you going, hasn’t it? Similar to Robinhood this application will give you in leaps and bounds. It offers free trading for self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade the U.S. listed securities via mobile devices.

The users find this application very handy for various reasons too. One being that Nasdaq stocks can be traded for free also if one adds the stocks to their watch list they will get timely updates about earnings report dates or even about fluctuations in share prices. Seems like this application keeps getting more and handier.

Swell Investments

The optimism incurred by the name does eventually rub off on your investments too. Now, this platform is more than just money. Backed by Pacific Life Insurance Co. this platform is a place for socially responsible investing and has six united nations sustainable development goals portfolios for renewable energy, green tech, clean water, zero waste, healthy living and disease eradication.

Swell only permits investing in stocks not ETFs and one positive of this application is that it works with taxable accounts of individual retirement accounts. Get started and get your investments and morals swollen with the use of this application.


Those are 2018s best investment applications which have many more positives than just the ones mentioned here but we thought you would be happy to be surprised when you find them out yourself. Happy Money minting.