Best Ludo Games for Android

Apps and mobile games are hardly expected to bring nostalgic moments because they themselves are the most recent things that have happened. But what about Ludo Apps? Ludo, the strategy board game is quite popular in many of the countries under various names. This game is considered as one of the best strategy game available on the Google play store. At least or maximum 4 players need to play this game. This is the strategy game where you can roll to dice and then move the token in the way to beat others.

The major aim of this game is to finish all the tokens before anyone else does. This board game is now available in our smartphones as well. As we know, most of the people used to play the games but due to some circumstances like games not available right at the moment, they are not able to play various games at the particular moment. Among which, ludo is the one, but to make the ease of the users. There are lots of ludo game apps available on play store for Android devices that make the users pay ludo game easy.

To make the use of such prominent apps, below we have listed some of the best ludo games for android that will help each and every user to ludo king game free download or play online at any time and anywhere as:

  1. Ludo Master 
  2. Ludo Classic
  3. Ludo Bing
  4. Ludo Party
  5. Ludo King

Best Ludo Games for Android

Ludo Master

Ludo Master is one of the most popular ludo games for android devices which come with the set of 4 playing options as ludo king. But, it is a little bit faster and does not contain lots of ads on it. In this ludo game app, you can log in from your Facebook account or can play as the guest.

In this game, there are more chances to get the coins that you can use to play online with the people and you will get the free coins for 7 days for daily check-ins. This game app will help you to motivate you to play and there is the list of tasks at the bottom where the tasks are checked and you receive coins once you have crossed the respected mark and claim the reward. This game is easily available on Google play store to download for your android devices.

Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic is another really good ludo game app for Android devices and you can easily download this app on your smartphone. This game was initially launched for the Android mobile phone but now it is also available for iOS. This game has a powerful AI backend which ensures the random and indictable dice outcomes.

The moves are done by the computer system for ensuring that there will be no cheating in the game. The Ludo classic supports both offline and online gaming. So, if you and your friends are playing this game, then you can go for offline mode, otherwise, you can play online by inviting your friends to the private game room.

Ludo Bing

Ludo Bing is another prominent ludo game app which lets you play ludo even when you do not have the availability of the internet. Simply, you can invite your friends and real-time play with people from all around the world. The private tables, chatting facility, colorful dice, fast and classic game variations are also included with this app or the multiplayer ludo game.

In case, you are bored from the ludo then you can play the snakes and ladders in this app. The most exciting feature of this app is that you can play a game with friends and family, you can connect to FB friends and play this entire game, it works perfectly on all data connections, and it provides gifts to co-players and friends.

Ludo Party

Ludo party is also one of the most popular ludo games for android devices which come with cool 3D graphics with funny animations to make it more entertaining. In this game, you can play up to 3 computer players.

If you have friends around, then you can also play with them. This ludo game app has the user-friendly interface and it has six maps to play on. This game supports both offline and online multiplayer and it also has the smart artificial intelligence to make your game more interesting and entertaining as well.

Ludo King

Ludo king is one of the most popular and renowned ludo game apps which are currently dominating almost all board game with more than 100 million downloads on Google play store. When you open the game, it has four options to play either with the computer, local feed, online multiplayer or to play with friends if they are online. Even if you play with the computer, then you can choose to play with two or four opponents. This game works well on both online and offline mode.

When you are playing online, then you can challenge your Facebook friends and can also play with random payers all over the world. There is also an option to chat with the opponent party while you are playing this game. Amazingly, this ludo game app also has one of our favorite childhood game i.e. snake and ladder. This ludo game is easily available on Google play store and can be downloaded from there as well.


This Indian board ludo game will provide you to kill time in a very exciting way. These best ludo games on an android phone for 2019 are very entraining and neighing for the users to play on their smartphones. Hope the above-listed list will help you to find the one best ludo game app for you and enjoy with your friends or family.