There is something hypnotic in those moving wallpapers, something invariably soothing. Something you can stare at for hours to just calm your mind. That’s the feeling one gets from those moving live wallpapers. On many phones, they have inbuilt live wallpapers. iPhone has this feature too. But one never wants to be constricted to only a few inbuilt wallpapers. Thus there are multiple applications out there to give you a variety of live wallpapers on iPhone. In this list, we compiled a few of the best applications we prefer for this purpose.

Best Live wallpaper apps for iPhone in 2018

Live wallpapers for me

Well, they lose out on creativity for name marks but more than make up for their creative wallpaper collection. This application will give you no reason to complain about the immense number of wallpapers they bring in front of you.

This free application boasts of having a huge library for these wallpapers ranging from various categories such as waterfall, sports, sci-fi, nature, birds etc. And one of its best quality is that this vast library keeps getting replenished with new wallpapers almost weekly thus keeping you from being bored with the ones you see daily.

Live Wallpapers and Backgrounds

 What is it with these wallpaper applications and their generic names. They do put you off, don’t they? Well just work past the inertia and you will be in for an eye treat. This application is a treasure trove of beautiful live wallpapers. With their hundreds of charming wallpapers, you will just never get bored of it.

And not your taste isn’t an excuse her. They have various types of wallpapers such as corals, aquariums, geometric hypnotic patterns, candle lights etc. This is definitely one of the more refined live wallpaper applications for your iPhone.

Vellum Wallpaper App

Now, that’s a good change in name isn’t it? Well, it’s an amazing application also. Vellum features in one of the top wallpaper application for iPhone for various reasons. It definitely has some very unique and creative wallpapers but also presents beautiful features that make using this application an amazing experience. You have the option of previewing the wallpapers you prefer without exiting the application. There is a blur filter that you can apply to wallpapers. And these wallpapers are well organized into easy to find themed packs. Another amazing feature in this application is its daily wallpaper feature where a new wallpaper is set for you daily. Isn’t that just totally mesmerizing?


Well, a few marks for the name as they tried to take the vowels off. But that doesn’t mean we can just ignore this amazing application. We don’t want you to miss out on its greatness, do we? This application boasts of very stunning pictures that too in high definition quality. This is a definite download for those geology enthusiasts who are interested in and fascinated with our planet. And even if you aren’t one this application will make you fall in love with it    

This application has multiple features too such as bookmarking your wallpapers, frequently adding collections added by enthusiastic developers and the most interesting one being you can share the geographic location of the wallpaper you liked with your friends. Now, that’s definitely something different, isn’t it?


Maybe we just put this application into the list for the onomatopoeia it uses and the booming effect it creates on us. Well not really this application is much more than just moving wallpapers. This application stands out in the list as it gives you cool facts famous quotes and drinks recipes on it. And it doesn’t end there you even have an option to make collages of more than one wallpapers through this application and if you have a very specific choice of wallpapers this application is definitely the one where you will find your perfect choice as it features over 200,000 wallpapers and all of them at of HD quality. It also provides you with slideshow options, drag and drops options, KappBoom image search options and as we mentioned before the collage creation option. We are already sold. Aren’t you?

There you have it the topmost live wallpaper applications to customize and liven up your iPhone. What are you waiting for go get choosy with the numerous options we have just given you