Are you a traveler and thinking about traveling all over the world? Then not to worry about how should you travel, if you have no idea about the places you would like to go..!! India is one of the most beautiful countries in the World which has numerous places in different states to visit. Now, gone are those days when you would have paid huge commission to travel agents to book tickets for you. The internet has made it easy for us to make a flight booking very easy. One can not only just book their flights for their destinations, but also can avail numerous benefits and offers on the same, can get cash back and much money by doing a tad bit of research on flight ticket booking apps.

Such apps can be extremely handy when you are planning a gateway or perhaps the business trip which can also lead to lots of savings on your expenses. There are much online flight ticket booking app and providers available in India which makes it confusing between the customers to which they should go. Many times, the initial prices shown in search are later on increased due to some attributes like increased taxes, convenience fees, etc and then the rates simply do not have to remain and in many cases are even higher than other flight ticket providers. You must always make sure to load these essential apps available on all major platforms and you will be able to book cans, tickets to trains or flights or even buses.

Below are listed some of the best flight booking android apps in India those you can use while traveling across worldwide. These travel apps are the best advisor for your tour in India as:

Make My Trip

Make My Trip


This is very popular and a fantastic android app for booking flights for your journey. This app has revolutionized the travel industry with its quick and easy online interface that offers flights to the customers at competitive rates. This app also allows one to key in the current location and destination, date and displays all the available options with the lowest prices that range from low to high.

Apart from offering you the cheapest rate flights option, this app also has great features like the one that lets you look for flight and hotel combo packages, airport bus booking as well as holiday packages. Cancellation and rescheduling of the flights booked on this app are done with their own customer care MMT customers have a one-stop point of contact.





ClearTrip stays true to its name, as the name suggests it is itself the greatest virtue. Unlike many major flight ticket providers which levy hidden extra charges on the search fare, this app does not impose any extra charges in the name such a hidden cost and the flight ticket insurance too is an optional add on which the passenger can remove whenever they want to decrease the ticket cost.

The most common and unique features about this app are that it has no hidden extra cost on flight bookings. Another is that, while booking for SpiceJet Tickets, it was found that their rates were the lowest among all other apps.





If you are not much aware of from where to find out cheapest flight booking services for your journey, then you are at right place. Skyscanner is one of the best and cheapest flight apps where you will find the lowest possible rates on flight booking services. This app also has a website where you can find flight deals and offers but if you do not have the time to access it on the computer, then this app is available on Google Play store which is easy to access on your mobile devices.

You get to see the flights from almost all airlines which include the low-cost airlines, allowing you to compare with other flight rates as well. By using this app, you can add filters to the flights as per your preferences from lower to higher rates that fit in your budget.



One of the most trusted and popular flight booking and travel app is Kayak, which can be accessed not only on the system but also on your smartphone through the app. This app has a user-friendly interface which allows you to search for cheap flight booking with your comfort and ease.

You can compare the flight rates as well with other flight booking apps. Just like other apps, the most useful feature of this app is to boost the usability by presenting the cheapest flights which will probably match what you have set or even it can be more cheaper than you have thought in your mind. This app is available on Google play store at free of cost, so anyone can download this app from there.



EasyJet is another traveling and flight booking app which can solve the problem of expensive airplane tickets with the lowest ones. Searching and booking for cheaper rate flights have been made very easy by the help of this app which helps you to manage your flights.

By using this app, you can add your passport details to the flights that you have booked and add or change the flights by using the same app. This app can also be shared with your friends, family, over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. One major thing which will probably hinder the traveler in you is not only the hotel booking but also the flight bookings. But, this app will let you solve your problems in just a matter of minutes.


Saving a fortune will no longer be an overstatement, all thanks goes to some of the major and best flight booking apps for Android devices. These apps are most certainly delights the frugal you. Planning for your trips has never been easy tasks and to book the flights or trains or buses is another toughest one. But, with the help of above-listed apps, you can book flights for you and your family or friends at cheaper rates within your budget.

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