Christmas time is a fun and bright and a wonderful time spending it with the family and friends. Well, it is the time of the season to be merry and Christmas is right around the corner and before you know it, you are into the grove, trying to juggle Christmas gift, shopping, decoration and also arranging everything for a party.

Somewhere in the milieu, you must not forget to get some help from your iPhone or iPad or Android mobile phones, because these guys can be totally helpful for you in some of the other ways.

From keeping your kids occupied to help you to manage the Christmas gift, shopping, etc. there are lots of mobile apps for Christmas that will make your work quite easy for you to perform easily and quickly. Whether you admit it or not, the desktop or computers or laptops are an important part of everyday’s life. So it is completely natural to enhance our workstations with the Christmas cheer as well and find some best apps to make it more cheerful.

Below is the list of 10 best Christmas apps for 2018 that will fulfill the holiday excitement, and even make Christmas better and more exciting for you and your family as:


Christmas Countdown 2018


Christmas Countdown 2018 is an app with the Christmas countdown timer. It helps to configure with the bunch of little options along with several actual backgrounds. You can make it look basically how you want to make it. It counts down the time until the Christmas and that’s its main function.

However, it also plays Christmas music, provides the ideas for Christmas gifts and it even gifts you the wallpapers which you get to keep. The premium version includes tow countdown widgets for your home screen, more customization options, and more Christmas music. There are no ads in any of the version whether basic or premium and the developers usually do well for updating it every year.


Google Santa Tracker


Google’ Santa Tracker app is easy to use and one of the best apps used for Christmas app. It is at least better than the other Santa tracker apps in Google’s Play store. The app includes several fun little games and activities for kids who include Google Cardboard VR support, Android Wear support and the timer for countdown option.

It follows the Santa’s path around the world on December 24th. This app is completely free with no ads or anything like that. It is called to be one of the best Christmas apps.




 iHeartRadio is surely among one of the best Christmas, especially for music. It features a variety of holiday-themed radio stations which include new hits, old classic and a mixture of the both.

This app is also completely free as long as you don’t commercial ads in it. Other music streaming services like Apple music, Spotify, Google Play music, Pandora, etc all has the Christmas playlists as well. In this app, you can just open the app, find the station that you want and start enjoying.


Toca Hair Salon


If you have little future stylish in your family or really bored, then Toca Hair Salon- Christmas gift is the best and cutest app for you. You get to style either like Snap or Christmas tree which is named as Topzy and can do everything from snipping away hair with scissors to dealing with an assortment of colors and can also add decorations like presents and Christmas balls.


Christmas Sweeper 3


If you have got candy crush fever but you need something new and a little more Yuletide, then Christmas Sweeper 3 is the best app that matches your Christmas related objects like ornaments and Christmas trees and gingerbread.

There are hard modes for each of the level, though are not very much difficult. This good time- wasting fun for the entire family and a great game to play while you are waiting for your mother or a wife to come out of the smelly candle store in a mall that is packed, hotter than hell and loud.


A Call from Santa


If you have some true believers in your household, then this app is the perfect match to keep that love alive. In this economic age, the burden of proof is quite a heavier one. Why can’t you just text your list to Santa?

Well, now the little ones can, and they can get a phone call from the Big Man himself, i.e. Santa telling them if they are on a naughty or nice list.


Christmas Tale HD


 This app is voted as the best and multimedia book for Christmas as it’s a beautiful collection of an interactive, multimedia app, a wish list, and a decorator is quite amazing.

Each page of the app tells the Christmas tale while your kid can also create a wish list and then they can send directly it to the Santa within the app. This app lets you decorate your very own Christmas tree and take a picture of it so that you can share it with others too.


Christmas List


Are you looking for a smart app to let you organize your Christmas Eve and list within budget? The Christmas List is the perfect app for you. You can set the budget for each person and can enter several gifts quickly. It will track your gifts easily by received, shipping and wrapped. The countdown of shopping days keeps you alerted about when you have to go for a shopping spree.


Christmas Radio


Do you want to enjoy Christmas songs to the full? With over 80 unique stations, this app will help you to listen to a wide variety of Christmas songs. You can make your festive season more joyful with your favorite songs and can celebrate the special moments with your family and friends and your loved ones like never before.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas


The perennial Christmas classic gets the iOS treatment in this mesmerizing app, which is basically a motion of comic of Dr. Seuss Book. The pictures are animated in this app and the narration is given very lovely. There are sound effects and background music, which creates a wonderfully atmospheric experience.


We are sure that the above long list will help you to choose some of the apps to lighten up your Christmas time. You can use any of these apps on your both iOS or Android platform. This app will make your mood feistier and will surely help you to prepare on this Christmas in best ways.