Best Car Speakers 2019 - Sound Quality, Power Handling Tests

To outfit your car with a new speaker system can be a hobby of extreme for almost any of the people. On one hand, you may only need to upgrade the tinny sound of your cheaply made factory speakers to get something with a more vibrant and solid sound. Once you begin improving your car’s audio, you may get carried away and can spend thousands of dollars on the best and the most powerful car speakers available in the market. After over 60 hours of research and 8 hours of testing audio quality and volume potential, there are lots of car speakers systems available in 2019. The 6.5 car speakers produce the best audio in almost all major test and were among the most efficient to convert the power to the volume.

If you are looking to upgrade your car’s audio system, then not only is upgrading your audio component is required, but it also allows you to unlock the concert hall quality sound in the comfort in your car. But, if you are just learning about car audio, then it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by all different aspects of your car stereo as well as all of the different brands, each promising the best car audio speaker in 2019 experience possible for their car. To really improve your experience in your car, you must have a look at different companies that have made good quality 6.5 car speakers, clear lows, mids, and highs. The speakers who are not out of reach for most of us in terms of price can sometimes bring a lot of trouble for you. If you like most of the people, you will fall somewhere between two extremes, then get a good taste of car speakers system.

Let us look at some of the best 7 speakers for a car that will help you to get your car more modified in terms of music and can enjoy your long drives with your friends and family as:

Clarion SRG6953R

Clarion SRG6953R: This is one of the best car speaker brands which is the 5-way coaxial speaker and has the configuration which combines the properties of both components and coaxial speakers together for the superior sound quality. This splitting sound spectrum into different zones helps to bring out the best lows, mids, and highs without having any distribution into it. The use of strontium magnets allows for the higher magnetic flux density and the thumping bass sound compared with the speakers that also use the ferrite magnets.




Alpine SPS-610 S-Series

Alpine SPS-610 S-Series: Alpine’s SPS-610 is another remarkable best car speaker under the 6.5 component type. The woofer of this speaker is built from polypropylene reinforced with the mica mineral that will guarantee the speaker that it can withstand extended use at higher volume and can prevent distortion of sound quality. This speaker has a woofer cone which is lifted with the copper coil wire, while the walls of this speaker are highly designed with an HD polymer frame and the butyl rubber surrounds it.



JBL GTO609C Premium

JBL GTO609C Premium: As one of the most renowned best car speaker brands available in India is the JBL that people are using for a long time. JBL speakers have been engineered with the large average woofer which moves more air than the competition. The cones of this speaker are engineered from the carbon infused metal which is quite lighter and stiffer than other cones. The outcome of this speaker offers great bass handling and response that makes the speaker a good choice when installing for many users.



Kicker 40CS54

Kicker 40CS54: If you are seeking a best car audio speaker which provides the thumping bass without the requirement for the subwoofer, then this is the best option to opt for you. This drop-in, installation friendly speaker pumps out 75 watts of handling power and can quickly jump up to 225 watts of peak power. When it comes to the bass of this speaker, these small speakers punch very well above their weight and thus reproduce the heavy bass sound that is right up there with larger sized speakers.



Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Rockford Fosgate R165X3: When you think of the bonified and magnificent audio company, then Rockford Fosgate is one among those. They make the audio for every application in unimaginable records from automotive, marine and even for home base appliances. Their R165X3-way car speakers are cost effective and have bass sound clarity in them. Each of the speakers is comprised of the vacuum polypropylene cone with the rubber surroundings. This best car speaker for bass and sound quality has mounted hardware along with the grill for each speaker that is included in it.



Infinity Kappa 60.11 CS

Infinity Kappa 60.11 CS: This is another best car speaker brands which are not too surprising considering both infinity and JBL that are owned by the same parent company. This best car speaker in 2019 also features the composite speaker frame and rubber surround, just like this speaker. While these speakers can be powered with the head unit, you are able to unlock the true potential of these speakers by paring with them and with the capable amplifier.



Polk Audio DB615S

Polk Audio DB615S: Polk Audio is another best car speaker that is a long-standing reputation for its quality and the affordability. One standout aspect of this car speaker in 2019 is that it is especially forgiving for DIY installations. The car speakers are itself a shallow, and thus allows it to fir virtually all mounting applications in any vehicle and has multiple mounting options that will help you to complete the professional quality install with no modification required in your vehicle.


This entire list of top car speakers in India 2019 will help you to make your car more modified and enjoyable for your drive in a more fashioned way.