We know that there are millions of apps available in Android, Apple and windows play stores. Some of the applications are mind-blowing, and some of them are worse. 

You might want to install some best apps that could add beauty to your phone and can enhance the user’s experience (UX). There are so many apps (paid and free) are present, but we have chosen some of the best ones that are going to rule in 2020. 

We have divided into three categories:

  • Top apps for android users 
  • Top apps for Windows 10 users 
  • Top apps for iPphone user 

Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

Top apps for Android Users 

We have mentioned both free and paid application. You can choose 

  • LastPass Password manager 

Nowadays, data breaching is frequent and is essential to secure it. You can save your credential and other important information with “LastPass PASSWORD MANAGE”. It is available in both a free and paid version. 

Cost: £10, it is not necessary to use the paid version, you can use the free one or can take the free trial. 

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  • Nova Launcher

It is not like the ordinary launcher. There is various type of features like customisation of the home screen elements, restore the home screen backups and many more. It would be great if you use the purchase one. 

In the paid application (Cost: £3) you will get some additional features like gesture control, icon swipe icons and many more. 

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  • Google play music and Youtube 

It is one of the popular apps with a maximum number of users. The best part of this application is free. You can leverage the entire feature without paying a single penny. It is the reason it becomes one of the best application that will surely go to rule in future. 

Top Apps for Windows 10 users 

  • Photo editor polar

Previously this application was available for mobile users. Now, it introduces in the PC that no doubt with some extra mind-blowing additional features. If you are a photo lover and want to make your photo more attractive, then you should install it. It is available in both a free and paid version. 

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  • Audio editor  

If you are YouTuber or want to become one, then you must download the Audio editor. It is free, and you can use it to improve your voice in the videos. Though it may take some time, you can take help from some tutorial. 

  • Notepad ++

It is mind-blowing that this notepad ++ can do more what notepad used to be. You can make your notes in a much attractive way with some fantastic fonts. 

Top apps for iPhone user 

  • Wikipanion

If you are the one who always wants to learn new things, then WIKIPANION is for you. It is a version of Wiki. However, you can access the information through the browser too. But with this app, you will quickly gain knowledge about anything and anywhere. 

  • EverNote

Do you forget thing fast? Then this application is ready to help you. You can write any data or schedule timing in it without worrying about forgetting. The paid version is also available you can have it. In paid one, you will get the extra function like a reminder and many more. 

  • Gorillacam

It is perfect for the one who has an interest in the cam and worries about its storage. This application will turn your Smartphone into a digital archive which considers including on-screen grid, spirit-level, multi-shot and press anywhere options. 

You can purchase it too and enjoy the additional features. But you can use the free one first if you find it interesting than you can go for the paid ones. 

You can see that many applications are paid and price varies according to their platform. 

There are many applications too through which you can find new jobs. But for that, you must have a Smartphone. If you do not have, then you are missing the beauty of this application. Go and buy a new one, if you think you can handle the price of the phone with a budget, and then you are good to go. Otherwise, you can opt for some borrowing options such as asking for help from relatives or rely on a loan. 

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Now, the problem of money is solved. Go ahead and download these applications and use it to enhance your knowledge or finding a job.