There are still many people who buy dedicated e-reader devices, whereas many of the readers have moved on the Smartphone and tablet. To find the appropriate android eBook reader app can be daunting tasks. There are a variety of eBook types, a number of file formats to deal with and then there are different types of books like novels, comics etc which makes the entire experience a little complicated.

However, with the use of the right mobile app, you can save your time and can turn any phone or tablet into an eBook reader. Additionally, the technology has kind of plateau a little bit, therefore eBook reader apps are about as good as they have ever been and we do not see them getting much and much better without having some serious innovation.

This clearly means that you can pick anyone now and it will probably work for your long time. EBooks are a rage of these days as there are lots of people who are switching to eBooks as opposed to the traditional way of reading books. In today’s, fast pacing and economic world, it does not give enough time to sit at your home and read a book as your most favorite which is on your wish list.

You cannot carry the books everywhere you go; also you cannot compromise with your hobby of reading books. The eBook reader apps come to rescue you with such times. There are hundreds of apps which are dedicated to eBooks on Google play store and iTunes as well.

Here, we are going to list the best android ebook reader app which you can use to make the most out of your love for reading as:

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is considered one of the older android ebook reader app, which comes with great simple options for those who require it. Its features support for EPUB, PDF & Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks as well as eBook support for the library on rental.

This app also comes with clean, if the somewhat antiquated interface, customization options, phone, and tablets support and global text searches etc. The free version comes with ads and the paid version does not have ads in it.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the most obvious eBook reader for android. It has one of the largest and the most consistent eBook stores on the internet. Additionally, this app has tons of reading features, cross-device syncing and even a large collection of free books.

The user interface of this app is riddled with lots of ads. However, the actual book reading part of free with such any kind of nonsense ads. There is lots of variety for customization settings while reading.


AIReader is one of the newer android ebook reader app comparatively speaking which also supports many older versions of Android, which is becoming a bit rarer these days. This app also supports most of the common eBook formats which include EPUB, RTF, MOBI, PRC, etc and many more, the interface of this app comes with customization options, auto-scrolling, page-turning animations and various other modes at your comfort.

Bookari eBook Reader

Bookari was once Mantano Reader, but the name has changed since a long time ago. However, it is still one of the best and sophisticated ebook reader app whose features cross-device syncs.

You can buy the books from this app directly from the service. Finally, this app supports the variety of ebook formats like EPUB2, PDF and many more. This android ebook reader app has slightly a different set of features included in it for each different file type. The user interface is little busier than any other app we have come across otherwise everything else is fairly solid.


EbookDroid is one of the better free ebook reader for android which have the feature support for most of the common file types that include DJVU, PDF, XPS, CBZ, etc along with MOBI, RTF, etc.

For those keeping track, that is most of the formats which you run into on a daily basis, however, the user interface is simple but effective. Additionally, it offers dictionary support, text highlighting, freehand annotations and many more. There is also a selection of plug-in which adds additional functionality to it.


FullReader is one of the most popular and modern ebook reader for android. It supports a wide range of ebook file type as well s popular ones like CBR and CBZ as well as MP3 for audio books. The user interface is quite classic material design and the app layout is simple enough for almost everybody.

Some more power user feature includes cloud backup support with Google Drive and Dropbox. This app is entirely free as far as we can tell more about it.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is another online bookstore like Amazon, nook and google play books, this app is extremely basic which seems like all it can do is read purchased books from the service.

However, the service does not support both audiobooks and normal ebooks. Other features of this app include cross-device syncing, downloading for offline use and night mode for late night reading.


Nook is another popular ebook reader for android which is a competitor of Amazon, Kobo, google play books, unlike most, and this one actually has physical book locations. You can visit Barnes&Noble, which is the parent company to Nook. The reader is about as standard as it gets. It comes with customized reading options as well as support for books, comic books, manga and many more.


For most of the people on the go, to carry a copy of the latest paperback and magazines could be too heavy or they just do not fit in your bags. So, why not to make the most out of your devices for your comfort? In particular with the right software, your Android device is a package of all kinds of entertainments and unlimited advantages