Apple watches do not need any introduction of their own. Well, life doesn’t get better and fancier than a wearable device which helps us connect and manage our phone. A hands-free mobile device that keeps you connected anywhere and everywhere. There is not much that an iWatch cannot do on its own. But the Apple watch apps have enhanced its performance even more. Now the list of the things it cannot do has definitely gone down a great extent. Well obviously we could use the mobile applications in your iWatch such as Whatsapp but iWatch has its own set of custom-made applications in multiple fields. Be it fitness, weather, entertainment, games, social media or anything else your iWatch has it all. In this article, we will talk about the best iWatch apps available in the market.

Best Apple iWatch Apps 2018


This application is every sports fan savior. Now you don’t have to feel guilty for being a die-hard fan of any club and missing their game updates as this sports app will to just that for you whenever and wherever. This application lets you keep up with your sports fandoms from boring meetings, conferences, classes, family get- together or any other mandatory but time-consuming commitment. It doesn’t end at just live updates. This application gives you any news related to sports as well as all related articles. It basically makes sure you are completely updated with the recent ongoings in the sports world. So what are you waiting for get this application on your iWatch and let the world know your madness for sports?


This is the application that helps you with the first and foremost use of an apple watch. If one has a smart device stuck to the hand its main task is to be a portable to notepad.  That’s exactly what Cheatsheet is, a perfect handy notepad. Also for all those forgetful people out there it’s the perfect place to write down your passwords, shopping lists and many other things. What else is special about this app, you ask? In this app each item can have its own icon, making it easier to spot, and you can set items to appear on your watch face as a Complication.

**Note that the Apple Watch app requires you buy the one-off IAP – but doing so also unlocks iCloud sync and other goodies for the iOS app. Now forgetting anything is definitely not an excuse anymore.

Carrot Fit

Smart watches are comparable to sports watches not only because they look cool on the hand while running and measure meagre things like the number of steps and heart rate but also due to workout apps. We believe Carrot fit is definitely one of the best ones. For one this application is all about the 7 Minutes workout and also puts you through various entertaining AI’s Dragons Mating Dance or Celebrity Face Punches. Don’t we just love the second one? This watch can also become a heads-up display, so you know what exercise you should be doing – or can pause things for a bit if your body’s about to break. Plus if you’re a CARROT Weather user you get another weather complication. Is there any shortcoming to this application at all ?


Exercise never has and never will be enough. Our habits have to complement our work out to get the best results. This applications helps us in keeping our habits to do this and much more. It lets you define up to 12 habits which you want to get accustomed to. These can be one time tasks which can be assigned to specific days or on daily bases.

It’s all very flexible, and the Apple Watch app becomes a means to get a brain buzz as you track tasks, run timers, and mark everything complete.  To come to think of it how does a person go without these apps anymore?




Who doesn’t know this application? You owe most of the songs in your fantabulous playlist to this application. But if you know the application and use it you also know the dreadful feeling when your phone doesn’t start at the right time and this song which has taken your breath away is now just another song you heard at the club? Well bid adieu to this feeling.

As now Shazam is on your arm. (If you have a series 3). All you have to do is wave your hand to the tone and it will display the song and its lyrics on the watch screen. Another impressive use of this application is to actually know the right lyrics of the song everyone else is singing instead of just embarrassingly maiming the words you don’t know. There now your breath taking song as well as your self-esteem is intact.


PCalc might be the best calculator on Apple Watch, but Calzy runs it close – and it has two things PCalc lacks.

First, operator buttons appear on the same screen as the numbers, which if you’re precise when tapping and dislike PCalc’s swiping might prove preferable; but also the app can show an ongoing, multi-part sum, which you can edit before stabbing the equals sign.


There you have it all these amazing and futuristic technologies tied to your side….. quite literally.