Best 5 Apps for Finding a New Home

Since the past few years, there has been a great technological shift that has resulted in effective automation of services and products. As the online real estate marketing industry is becoming highly increased in this competitive market, the resources for the consumers are also getting better to find the accurate housing information. The days of picking up the real estate book at your local grocery store are fading very fastly and mobile application services for house hunting are increasing highly in numbers and their ability to cater your needs helps to find the perfect house by sitting at your homes.

You no longer have to visit your real estate agent to research or physically look or track down the investment properties and land. Buying a property or a rented is a never-ending debate, but the result depends largely on your income and circumstances. In the 2nd quarter of 2012, 9% of US iPhone users used real estate property search apps to find homes for themselves.

If you are planning to spend six figures or more on a single transaction, then the best way to go into it with the best knowledge and information to get the perfect deal possible. Real estate apps can help you do this and you can give greater insight into the market where you are looking to buy your home, therefore, you can nab the house of your dream.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or just looking a place to rent for your next session, searching for new homes is a quite tricky and daunting task. But, thankfully, there are dozens of mobile application platforms and websites dedicated to helping people narrow their choices down a bit. But, before you go to download any old real estate apps, it is better to know that there are few different types to consider: some of them have the larger volume of house listings, while others have more generated towards commercial and even auction properties.

Best 5 Apps for Finding a New Home

If you are looking to change your house for a rent for looking to buy your own house, then below given apps will help you find the accurate and right fit for your requirements keeping in mind all your needs, that you want your home to be aside:




There is a reason why Zillow is considered to be one of the highest rated home buying apps you can get- it is ridiculously comprehensive. Especially for starters, Zillow has Zestimate, which is a proprietary platform using the algorithms for determining home values for over 100 million homes, that’s sound a lot..!! You can view home based on price, size, school district and many more.

Zillow even has exclusive listings which you cannot find anywhere else on any other apps. It will also send you the instant notifications of new listings, price drops and whenever the home is sold and free for you. It is a great app for everything and all in one solution involving getting a new home whether buying or renting. You can even use this app for flipping homes if you are interested in doing that.




RedFin is considered as both an app and a brokerage firm. The app is excellent, which offers estimated home values that are sometimes more accurate than Zillow’s algorithms. One of the best features of the mobile application services for anyone in an active home search is the ability for filtering on upcoming open houses.

While it may not lead to your next house, it does give you an idea of what homes are like in the area, and what are your expectations to get in for your money. The standard real estate fees for RedFin are quite lower than traditional agents. When selling on RedFin, most of the houses listed for 1.5% and while buying the average buyer gets the refund of $2,000 back on the agent fees.




The oldest and the biggest company in real estate industry on our list is the 99acres which have the greatest number of listings and you are literally one tap away from searching your home in your general area, which is very handy, especially if you are out house hunting and pull out the app. It also has a filter called listing quality, which lets you limit the results according to your needs and preferences.

You can also look the houses photos, videos or only properties which 99acres has physically verified. That’s sounds great..!! You can save your lot of time while hunting for the perfect house manually. You can also visit their websites to find more, but websites, in front of mobile apps are sometimes considered as boring and outdated fashion for the users.

Not surprisingly, it is the official search portal for the National Association of Realtors. One of the best advantages to use this app is the close relationship which realtors have with Multiple Listing System which provides data feeds used by most of the sites on this list.

Because of the special relationship, however, is often updated a little faster and easier and has a wide range of listed properties. If you do not have a real estate agent, then this app is easy to connect with local agents as well. You must shop around for both agents and homes before your purchase.



Another app version of the property portal is the MagicBricks. It uses GPS to zero in your preferred location and will help you to search for the properties across all major platforms and Indian cities. To find a home, in today’s economic and rushed areas is quite a difficult task for the people. It boasts a simple, intuitive interface which lets you contact homeowners with just a tap.

Though it helps to cater primarily to property buyers and sellers, renters can also use this app to their benefit. In their app, you can set alerts for when the properties which match your requirements becomes available and it will let you know about the same, rest the whole work will be done by the app.


Selecting the right mobile app development industry for house hunting really depends on what’s most important for you, the environment, the place or whatever. While most of the basic information is universally covered in this article, but the nuances are really different. Whatever your choices and preferences are good; there is a chance of getting downloading any of the above-mentioned apps in it.