If you want to convert your EPUB files to MOBI files then all you need to do is to read this article carefully and you will have a permanent solution for your file conversion problems. There’s no doubt in the fact that there are several links and sites on Google that claim to help you with your file conversions but upon clicking on them and trying to convert your files on them, you’ll know that most links don’t work and those that work, they demand a small amount of money in the end so that you can access your downloaded content. 

Now, before moving towards the part where we tell you about the best online file converters for your EPUB files that you want to convert into MOBI files, you should know one thing that you should never pay even a single penny to any website that’s providing you the facility of converting your files into different formats. This isn’t how it works and there are platforms that can bring you results for free. It’s all about some research and that’s it! 

Here are some of the best ways to convert your EPUB files to MOBI files; 


The first solution that we have for you is the onlineconvert.free.com. This website can do wonders to your file conversion requirements and we can bet on it that you will just love working on this platform. OnlineConvertFree.com is the choice of millions of users out there who want to convert their files into different formats. The reason behind it is simple that here, you get quicker conversions, the results are excellent, the quality of the documents and the images remain untouched and the process is very simple. 

Here’s how you can convert your files on this site:

1-Head to https://onlineconvertfree.com/convert-format/epub-to-mobi/

2-Upload your Epub file 

3-Choose the “MOBI” format from the format section 

4-Click on “convert”

5-Your file is now ready for you. 


The next one is Calibre and it’s not only an EPUB to MOBI file converter, in fact, using this platform you can even convert your ebooks and that’s the best part about this site. The interface of Calibre is very easy to use and anyone can upload and convert his files using this platform. You can even change the cover of your ebooks using Calibre and of course, as we promised, this one is totally free! 

Kindle Previewer

This one is available for both the Windows and Mac users and the best part is that this previewer will not only help you in converting your files, in fact, it will also show you what  your MOBI format file will look on different devices. This way it will be easier for you to convert your ebook and make it available on the devices that support the MOBI format. 

Use any of the above-mentioned converters and you will definitely love working on each one of them as we have compiled this list for you with utmost care.