Best 10 Smartwatches for iPhone to buy in 2019

Are you looking for the smartwatch for your iPhone in 2019? Then, you have come to the right place which has a feature-packed smartwatch list to help you to find out the best smartwatch with latest round-up. Whether you are looking for the smartwatch for iPhone or with Android, it is important to check the features that the one you have. The iPhone has maintained its popularity in the marketplace and despite all of these their presence of many computing models has radically made it more attractive.

If you are an iPhone user and you want the best smartwatch for iPhone in USA location, then this entire guide will help you to choose the best all among them. Although, there are many top smartwatches for iPhone that works with the iPhone well and give accurate results at an affordable price. Both of these devices are tailored for the smartwatch for iPhone experience, so users can buy accordingly what suits them better.

But, let us discuss the best 10 smartwatches for iPhone that will make users go mad and will be crazy to buy any of these within their budget as:

Samsung Gear Sport: This is another smartwatch compatible with iPhone and is designed for the fitness enthusiast or people who want to start living better. This top smartwatch for iPhone in the USA features a calorie tracker that will help you to alert whether you are over or under your intake goals. It also sends up to 60 workouts to your mobile devices and will help you to give the suggestion about satisfying the fit even if you cannot avoid being sedentary.



Apple watch series 3: This is another best smartwatch for iPhone that includes cellular data, letting you make the calls without solely depending upon the wi-fi connection and the phone app. This iPhone watch also works very well with Siri, so that you can ask for the direction to the destination without grabbing up your mobile phone everywhere. It has the functionality even if your phone is not charged and the capabilities range from showing you the weather forecast to sending a text message at any time.




Ticwatch Pro: This is another one of the best iPhone smartwatch in 2019 which users can use easily with their mobile devices. This watch is a little known brand so far, but it comes with the two different displays that will help users to stand out from the rest of the world. There is the transparent LCD display at the top with the full-color OLED panel below it which means that the users will get full wear OS watch experience with it. But, when the battery dies off, you can still get some details like heart rate, date and time, etc.


Apple watch Series 3 LTE: This is mostly the same iPhone watch as the regular Apple watch series 3, but the only difference is that it adds cellular data and it is available with the premium silver or black stainless steel case in addition to the alumni one. This watch has more scratched resistant which composite back on the non-LTE model and increases the internal storage from 8GB to 16GB.


Misfit Vapor: Misfit Vapor is another top smartwatch for iPhone in 2019 that has created a happy medium for the users who are interested in fitness but will only suit those who need the super advanced feature of the Garmin Forerunner. There is always an on-display and standalone music player which negates the requirement to bring your phone along with for the ride. Unfortunately, this watch is packed with the connected GPS to track your run as well.



Apple Watch 3 Nike+: This watch is based on the Apple watch series 3 and is available without LTE to suit the user’s budget and lifestyle. This model comes in the unique box and can be differentiated from the standard model by Nike sports brand. There is also the selection of pre-loaded Nike+ watch available to choose from. This watch includes audio cues when running to help you get more on your workouts.



Apple Watch 4: This is another best iPhone watch which you can buy is the brand new Apple watch series 4 which was announced in September 2018. This watch comes with the 1.78 inch OLED display which notably larger than we have seen on any other watch till now from the company. We particularly like that the speaker is now louder and still has sports premium yet lightweight design and the new ECG heart rate function looks to be an exciting additional feature with this watch that will help users to track their personal and health issues as well.



Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45: Yes, this is one of the most expensive yet best iPhone smartwatch there by some distances, but if you want a luxurious smartwatch around your wrist, then this is the one that you must buy. With NFC and GPS onboard, you are well looked after no matter what actually was your need. Wear OS is there which keeps the thing running, but will definitely take more backseat than on Wear alternatives from other companies.



Fossil Q AccompliceThe Fossil Q accomplice is one of the best hybrid smartwatches for iPhone that connects seamlessly to your iPhone and will help you to track your activity through the dedicated iPhone. This watch has an analog watch face but gives away its smart internals with the 0-100 progress dial on the watch face. The battery life is one of the biggest selling points with this smartwatch and delivers the 12-month battery life with mineral crystals covering the dial.



LG Watch Sport: Even though, this smartwatch compatible with iPhone rather than any other platform but it also has the compatibility with Google fit. When this watch is being paired with that app, it automatically recognizes and tracks down your major day to day activities. It also helps to monitor the time that you spend doing different activities and will help you to give a recommendation on how to make more improvements in your activities.



Hope this entire listed best smartwatch for iPhone will help you to choose the appropriate one for you to keep that simple and within your budget as well.