Razer has finally unveiled its tow new wireless gaming mice which are named as Basilisk Ultimate as well as Basilisk X Hyperspeed on Wednesday. Each of them offers incredible features for users including speed and accuracy. In addition to it, both of them are noise-free. Therefore, if you are looking for the best silent gaming mouse, We highly recommend the Basilisk X Hyperspeed and Basilisk Ultimate. They are specifically the gaming mice which are unveiled under the Basilisk series. Now let us have a look at the features, specs as well as the price of both the mice.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is priced at $60 which is very affordable in terms of the price point of view if you compare it with various other gaming mice which fall under $100 category. As per the design of the product is concerned, Basilisk X Hyperspeed looks quite similar to the Razer Basilisk mice but here the brand has just made some changes. The base of the mouse is a bit broader and the thumbs rest is much longer. It is beautifully featured with a plastic curve which spans the face of the device. But on one hand, where the device looks extremely stylish, it is lagging behind in terms of the translation. The first and the foremost thing is the mouse contains only one dots per inch sensitivity button on the upper side of the mouse which means the user cannot adjust dots per inch in both ways. On the other hand, the device does not contain signature paddle, a protruding button which helps in making the device easier down the first-person shooters into the low DPI sniper mode. As per the software of the device is concerned, Razer Synapse is not so clean as everyone has expected it to be. Having said that, it is quite easy to reprogram the thumbs button along with a variety of commands. The user cannot just create a fresh profile and sync all the Razer gear, rather they have to select the gadget from the list and then assign it to the game, change the tabs and then assign buttons. Moreover, not all of the games work smoothly.

Coming to the performance of the device, Basilisk X Hyperspeed has won in terms of the performance. The mouse is efficient enough to respond to all the command accurately as well as precisely. The device consists of mechanical switches and not the optical ones. Moreover, you can easily connect it through Bluetooth to save the battery which can last hours. The Bluetooth mode of this device is extremely handy especially if the user forgets to snag the wireless dongle from the desktop just before going mobile. As it is a wireless mouse, it does not contain any sorts of micro USB port, rather it works with either Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz. Now as per the price as well as the functionality, Basilisk X Hyperspeed is indeed a versatile mouse, however, it lacks some features which other gaming mice are featured with in the same pricing range.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Basilisk Ultimate gaming mouse from Razer is indeed a premium mouse which is featured with advanced specs both in terms of internal as well as external features. In the price of $169, the device offers amazing wireless performance which is featured with a comfortable scroll as well as design. Apart from this, the device is also featured with a cool charging dock and some software. Now as per the design of the Basilisk Ultimate is concerned, it is featured with a slim and black shell designed along with Chroma RGB lighting of Razer. It measures 4.6 * 2.79 * 1.49 inches and weighs 107 grams which we feel is the appropriate size and is also user-friendly in terms of gaming. It also consists of an RGB lit Razer logo which comes in a box cutter shape and is surrounded by a glossy black colour. Just beneath this, there are the right as well as the left clickers and just middle of the two clickers there is an RGB lit scroll wheel as well as two DPI buttons which is extremely stylish. On the right side of the mouse, there is a grippable panel. On the other hand, on the left side, there are two discrete buttons and a multifunction paddle. Both of these sides have a thin RGB lighting zone just below the right as well as the left buttons.

The mouse indeed comes with smart features which are the most interesting part. It comes with smart tracking, specifically for those who keep on moving around with their mouse. The users can even customize the device’s program buttons through the customize tan in the Razer Synapse app. As per the performance of the device is concerned, it has claimed to last for 100 hours on just a single charge along with the lighting disabled and through this play for 5 hours a day, the device is extremely responsive and provides accurate performance. Now if you compare it both of these the latter is worth purchasing in terms of features. But for the beginners, the former is good in terms of the price point of view.