Apple's 2019 iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, AirPods and HomePods detailed in extensive leak

If the leaked reports are to be believed and rumors are to be confirmed then we must say that Apple has planned for a couple of new launches lined up for its users in September itself. The brand is prepping itself up to give surprise to the users.

As per the reports shared by Bloomberg recently, the California based company is all set to launch a new iPhone, two Pro models of iPhones, two iPads Pros, a 16-inches MacBook, better AirPods, a cheap iPad as well as a new HomePad.

The people will surely be surprised if the brand launches all these products in a single event. This is because the California based company is all set to reveal iOS 13, iPadOS as well as macOS Catalina at the same event. All these things are suggested by the leaked reports and it may be going to be announced on 10th September 2019. The major changes will be done on the OS updates on how the brand is going to develop its very own operating system.

If you are still not surprised then we must tell you that the company is also gearing up to launch MacPro as well as Pro XDR display and is prepping up to ship soon as the brand is going to start Apple TV+ subscription service as well as the Apple Arcade game subscription service.

Not only this but also there were also rumors going around about the new iPhones ‘Pro’ as well as triple cameras but now the reports more shed on the iPhones hardware line up.

 The new iPhones which will be launched by the company will be having new Apple A13 SoC which we expect that will be competing well with any of the Android chip in the smartphone market by the upcoming months. This particular chip will be carrying a new AMX module. This chip will help in accelerating face recognition as well as computer vision applications.

 Having said about the computer vision, there will be some updates which are to be done to the Face ID package. This will immensely increase the field of viewing the system. This feature will help in running the system much faster. The users will also be finally able to peek at the phone when it is situated on the desk.

There will also be a significant upgrade in the cameras. There is also a rumored report on the phone’s triple-camera setups. However, it is to be done on the Pro models of iPhone s well as a dual-camera setup on the XR replacement. These cameras will have the capacity to provide a better picture of the low light environment, good quality video outputs which include support for real-time replacement of background. On the other hand, the pro models of the iPhones will be providing a high-quality computational photography mode which will have the capacity to combine data from all the three sensors of the phone.

It has also been believed that the iPhones will also be supporting reverse wireless charging which is similar to various Android phones launched this year. This feature will let the users charge their AirPods through their iPhone.

MacBook and iPads

However, the 3D touch feature has been stopped. As per the new MacBook Pro is concerned, the two rumored reports are being out. Among which the first report is all about the iPhone Pro will be featured with 16-inches screen in a 15-inch form factor. In terms of the specifications, the laptop will be featured with Coffe Lake H refresh Intel CPUs which the Pro version of MacBooks is featured with.

The second most popular rumor is that the upcoming MacBook Pro will change the dubious butterfly switch keyboards.

The company is in a plan to ditch it. A leaked report said that the company is going to design a new keyboard which is based on the scissor switches in the upcoming MacBook in the year 2019. Not only this but also the same will be done on the MacBook Pro which will be launched in the year 2020. The new keyboard will be providing better durability as well as longer travel key.

As per the iPads are concerned, everyone is expecting the iPads to come with the better camera modules as well as faster processors. Having said that the entry-level iPads will be upgraded into 10.2 inches of display.

HomePod, AirPods as well as Watch

The California based company is prepping itself up to come with a brand new waterproof AirPods which will be featured with active noise cancellation. Along with this, there will be cheaper HomePod as well as the updated finished version of Apple Watch 6. 

Having said that the upcoming new AirPods may not be launched in the year 2019. But the Apple’s MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and HomePods’ detailed reports are out as per the leaked reports only.