Apple Face Mask Unlock Feature

Apple already has a feature of face lock in it. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is essential for everyone to wear masks all the time. Therefore, it has become difficult for everyone to use this feature, or for those who want to use this feature face lock, they have to uncover their face with the mask or put off their mask to use this feature. 

Due to this reason, Apple is going to launch its beta version of iOS 13. This beta version will allow the users who have Face ID enabled and for those who want to use Face lock or face ID feature. This will allow users to unlock their iPhone quickly without having to take off their mask or change their security settings. They can easily open their iPhone with the cover on. 

Apple has released its latest version on Wednesday. This is the newest version of iOS 13 – iOS 13.5 beta 3 – to the developers. This version of iOS 13 has revealed that the iPhone owners will now be soon able to unlock their face ID enabled device without having to remove their protective face masks during this time of the pandemic. Instead of the invention which continuously attempts to unlock the iOS phone biometrically, the phone will automatically prompt the user to open the app without putting the passcode manually. 

This change is being significant in this time of the pandemic. Although, the difference is expected to receive a hearty warm welcome from those with an iPhone sans home button which are out and covered about in a facemask protecting themselves from COVID-19. This new feature is useful, especially at that time when anybody needs to make mobile payments at the stores or have to send any urgent message or to make any important call. 

So to do such things, there is no need to go to the setting of the device or to change the owner authentication method from the biometric to the less secure password option. There is another addition to this update. The acquisition is that iOS 13.5 beta 3 gives the users a very fantastic feature, in which there is an option given that how to disable FaceTime would enlarge the image of the person speaking. This feature was less than ideal for a large group of people. Although these updates are still in beta, therefore they are not expected to be available to the public users for at least a few weeks.  Apple is one of the leading brands in mobile phones, and it has more than a million users in the world. Every time apple gives a new and exciting feature for the users.