iPhone users who are admiring whether they have COVID-19 can now turn to Siri. Apple has modernized its voice assistant to provide doper with a step-by-step survey. It provides information if they ask digressions of, “Hey Siri, do I have the COVID-19 virus ?”

As reported, the virtual assistant now comprises answers from the CDC and other sources when asked about the virus COVID-19.

For example, if you inquire Siri something like, “Do I have coronavirus?” the assistant will stroll you through a series of questions. Siri will ask doper if they are undergoing COVID-19 symptoms, and if those symptoms are supposed life-threatening, Siri recommends calling 911. Otherwise, the questionnaire proposes to stay home and avoid communication with other people. It instructs them to contact a medical provider if their situation becomes more serious.

Apple is also facilitating telehealth applications in the App Store when a doper asks Siri about coronavirus. As we noted last week, the App Store is accelerating COVID-19 applications from respected sources to assure the credibility of health and safety information.

According to Apple, the explanations are sourced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Public Health Service. The questionnaire progression is currently available in the United States, and it’s ambiguous if it will expand elsewhere.

On Thursday, we pointed out that Apple was also facilitating a video from the White House Coronavirus Task Force in iTunes and Apple Music. Since then, the video has also been headlined prominently in the App Store and Apple’s website. Finally, Apple is also donating millions of N95 industrial masks to healthcare specialists in the United States and Europe.

The update seems to have been made on Saturday when users first commenced noticing it. It also providers users with a connection in the App Store, where they can download telehealth apps and potentially receive essential consultation.

At the moment, the answers occur to be concentrated on users in the US. We tried inquiring Siri for advice in the UK, and the voice assistant simply furnished us with a link to an information page on a UK government website. There was no survey about symptoms or links to the App Store.

The explanations are from the U.S. Public Health Service, an office of the Department of Health and Human Services.  It is also the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Apple. The service is intended for users in the United States. It is not recognized if or when the service will be improved internationally.

An Apple spokesperson did not stake further information on the modifications. Apple is not the only tech demon who has lined up its resources to help health officials respond to the international pandemic, which has now offended more than 300,000 people across the world.

Facebook said earlier this week it schemed to inaugurate a coronavirus information center that will appear alongside users’ news feed. It motivates people to take social distancing seriously and also has a “request or offer help” page. Google’s most anticipated website dedicated to providing information about COVID-19 debuted on Friday.

Siri’s new functionality reflects similar efforts from other tech corporations like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, who have undertaken information resources about the virus. Facebook has expanded a coronavirus information center to the top of its News Feed in the United States, which ratifies on information from the World Health Organization and CDC, while Google has also inaugurated an informational site. Microsoft, meanwhile, has attempted an interactive map and also assisted with the CDC to create a “self-checker” chatbot.