The software-focused Apple event held on March 25 saw the launch of a number of subscription services for Apple users. And the time is around when Apple users can actually have their own video streaming services. The only difference is that it’s not Netflix or Amazon Prime where you pay for a pile licensed shows or movies.

So what is actually Apple TV Plus and Apple TV app?

Starting in May, the Apple TV App will give users some add-on paid subscription allowing users to watch shows from Apple’s partners such as HBO.

Still, everything of this is separate from the set-top box you can buy in the stores now for the Apple TV- the product. The Apple TV app will get this update by May.

It can leave you confused for sure? Let us try our best to differentiate what is out and what is yet to come.

What is Apple TV App?


First announced in October 2016 with the launch of the fourth generation iOS devices and Apple TV, Apple TV app is now a preinstalled app on all iPads, iPhones, Apple TV devices.

Apple named it as a modern TV guide- It was just a one-stop place for recommendations on shows to watch on TV. There’s a “Watch Now” button placed to play video picks coming from your different video subscription apps.

What until now was just an app recommending shows is going to be a platform to purchase those movies and TV shows to play on Apple TV.

Does Apple TV App cost anything?

No. The Apple TV app is completely free to use unless you have Apple TV Plus or an Apple TV Channel subscription- both of which will be available in May.



Apple TV Plus is a video subscription service that will feature Apple offerings of TV shows and movies for its users. It will become the exclusive way through which Apple users will enjoy the content from different media channels like HBO. To match the currently popular video streaming services like Netflix, Apple has invested in a star-studded talented roster of shows such as Oprah’s.

  • However, for those who think it’s a different app- it’s not.

The Apple TV Plus will be a feature in the Apple TV app for iOS, Mac, and other platforms. The feature will reportedly get a different section in the Apple TV app. Without going into such details about where it will be placed and how it works, Apple simply said that it will be an ad-free service since users will pay for it and it will be launched in 100 countries.


What Apple TV Plus is Not?

  • Don’t think that it’s a competitor of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Unlike them, Apple does not have its own premium shows that you are paying for.
  • You will just pay for the content you can also watch on TV. Apple hasn’t built a full streaming service (yet) that includes originals as well as licensed programming. Instead, Apple will offer its own exclusive programming with partners.
  • Users will not get any older stuff like they get while scrolling through Prime Video or Netflix. No Hollywood movies and no past TV shows (yet).

TV app for Android and Windows: Though we saw Apple announcing a TV app for a number of platforms (even Fire TV), it didn’t give any indication for Android or Windows. If the company is eyeing to make this a big thing, then it will act as a huge hole in the road to reach a big audience.

On the web: Similarly, Apple didn’t mention any way to stream Apple TV Plus on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, which again can go against them.


When Will be Apple TV Plus Available and At What Price?

Apple confirmed that users will get pricing and availability details by this fall for Apple TV Plus. We still don’t know the monthly subscription of Apple TV Plus or the specific dates of its release. However, as a new launch, you can expect huge discounts at the beginning.