Apple is going to release its latest range which is quite similar to its successors. Last years they have launched iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as well as iPhone XR. The company is going to launch three iPhone 11 models this year. As per the reports, the Apple iPhone 11 models are expected to be released in September. But the latest models will have the triple rear camera at the backside of the device. Along with this, all the sensors of the mobile will be at the back. The new iPhone models will have A13 chip which is known by its codename Cebu, model number T8030.

According to the leaked information from 9to5Mac on Tuesday, three iPhone 11 models will feature a lightning port for charging as well as audio

The California based company is going to set new batteries to its new range of iPhone in the year 2019.

 Apple iPhone 11 date of release

Last year Apple released it, 2018 models, on 12th September 2018 but this year, the date is still unknown. Model numbers XS, as well as XS Max, were up for preorder on 14 September and model number XR  was available for preorder on 19 October. We expect that the company may follow the same pattern which is on 10th September.

Price of iPhone 11

The most expensive iPhone so far is $1149 whereas iPhone XS amounts $999. We expect the price of the iPhone to be in the mid-range which is closer to $600. 


The three iPhone 11 models are also called as D42 replacing iPhone XS, D43 replacing XS Max and model N1014 will be replacing iPhone XR. The first two models contain 3x OLED Retina Display whereas N104 will be featuring the 2x Liquid Retina display same as its predecessors. However, the resolution of the screen will remain the same.

Camera Quality

The latest version of iPhones will be offering solid cameras which means there will be three cameras on the backside of the phone. As per the Bloomberg’s recent report, it has been said that the successor of iPhone XS Max will set up three rear cameras which contain a standard lens which is supported by zoom as well as wide-angle cameras. Moreover, a report presented by Kuo says that Apple will be using a dark coating for hiding the third lens to make it look prettier. The company may also be applying the same technique on its front camera.

 Taptic Engine

The new version will also be featuring the latest Taptic Engine. The codename of the Taptic Engine is leap haptics. Through this feature, it is expected to improve the Haptic Touch as the new phone is not going to feature 3D touch.


California based company has been collaborating with Taiwan Semiconductor with the purpose of offering the processors in its devices. And as per the reports, there won’t be any changes as of now. As per the industry analyst in their interviews, they have announced that Apple has collaborated with TSMC for supplying processors in their latest iPhones 2019. However, the outcome of the chip is yet unclear. But we can expect this chip to be more powerful as compared to A12 Bionic chip which is present in iPhone XS as well as iPhone XS Max.

Not a 5G iPhone

There are various companies which are planning to launch 5G smartphones this year. The companies include OnePlus, LG, Samsung and lots more. But Apple is not in the wave yet. As per reports published by Bloomberg, it has been revealed that the company won’t provide 5G phones. They have a plan to launch 5G phone in the year 2020.

The main reason behind this is its dispute with Qualcomm. Qualcomm basically the 5G modems which are going to appear in 5G phones by this year. Apple is linked with Intel which will produce 5G modem by 2020. But various sources say that Apple is going to design its own modem.

iPhone Design

Apple is not going to change its design in the year 2019 which directly means that it will keep the design the same as its previous versions. Whereas the reports revealed by ET News say that it may combine Face ID components and front-facing camera which is going to reduce the notch size.

Battery Quality and charging

There is no such news on the battery life in the 2019 iPhone models. The reports say that the new iPhones will provide wireless charging that is bi-directional. The same feature is present in the Galaxy S10. The size of the batteries may also be larger in size as compared to its previous models. It will be containing USB-C- to-Lightening cable as well as a powerful. The battery quality maybe in between 3200 mAh to 3500 mAh.

3D Touch

The company has been using 3D touch since its 6s. This is used in giving the users contextual menus in the applications. But many reports suggested that Apple may not use 3D Touch in the iPhones. This is because it increases the price of the phone without even providing many features. So by taking away this feature, the company can save money by earning more profits.

OLED Technology

Last year when Apple launched iPhone XS as well as iPhone XS Max, they provided OLED technology. However, the iPhone XR was still offering LCD. But the buyers were expecting OLED technology in all the three models of 2018. This can happen in 2019 models. As per the report revealed by ET News, the company would likely to launch OLED technology in all the three of its iPhones.


Above all, in the year 2019, everyone’s attention is on the design of Apple’s recent launch. We are expecting to see if the company mix all the latest things up. Let us hope the company to combine the front-facing sensors in another way or make its size smaller.