Finally, the California based company Apple has responded to the report of Google. They said that the malicious websites may exploit the security of Apple flaws for hacking the iPhones and then steal all the personal data which include photos, contact, mails as well as text messages. The particular report by Google was posted last month online which stated that the series of websites had badly exploited the security holes in the software of iPhones which exploited more than a series of two years. Having said that the series the report was not able to identify the characters of the malicious websites.

On the last Friday, the California based company has directly stated by saying that the attacks which were identified by Google were via websites that were targeted towards Uighurs. Uighurs are a Muslim ethnic minority situated in China. The brand implied by this that all these websites will not cause any serious threats to the Americans or the other people of various other countries all across the world. Furthermore, the United Nations has also accused China of human rights by abusing towards the Uighurs. However, China denied this fact.

Apple has mentioned in a statement that, ” First, the sophisticated attack was narrowly focussed, not a broad-based exploit of iPhones ‘en masse” as described.” The brand further stated by saying, ” The attack affected fewer than a dozen websites that focus on content related to the Uighur community.”

So through this, we can see the statement given by Apple has confirmed al the vulnerabilities. On the other hand, it has also challenged Google’s framing of the exploits. The brand has also said on Fridays that the post shared by Google has created a false impression of ‘mass exploitation’.

Apple has even challenged the claim given by Google by stating that were operational for years and further said that the particular flaws which were mentioned by Google were already fixed in February itself, the 10 days after it has learned of the exploits.

The brand has also stated that “Second, all evidence indicates that these website attacks were only operational for a brief period, roughly two months, not  ‘two years’ as Google implies.”

To this, the Spokesman of Google replied by saying, ” We stand by our in-depth research which was written to focus on the technical aspects of these vulnerabilities.” He also said, “We will continue to work with Apple and other leading companies to help keep people safe online.”

The exploits which we are talking about were posted by Google Project Zero. This is basically an elite bug finding team which basically finds all the flaws in the software from all the well-known companies. Once the flaw is found by Google, the team will inform the company and will give them a time limit for fixing the critical bugs. These critical bugs are known as “Zero Day” vulnerabilities. The mission which is stated is going to make all software harder to hack.

Having said that the report further doubled as a way for the company to publicly needle the security as well as privacy policies of Apple. This is something which the maker of iPhone has leaned on in the form of major marketing tool and this is a way through they have differentiated their products from the Android.

However, the Project Zero post has not mentioned any attacks on Android which is generally used by most of the people as compared to the iOS by Apple. Now let us have a look at what exactly are the flaws and other details related to it.

What exactly is the risk?

As per the analysis was done by Google, the flaws which were found in the operating systems of Apple were basically used for stealing the messages, images of the users as well as tracking the real-time locations of the users. Furthermore, these hackers have also the ability for even accessing the passwords as well as the pins of the bank accounts which were saved on the device.

It is all about security

Google informed Apple all about the vulnerabilities in the system of Apple in last February and also suggested them for fixing them within a week. Due to this problem, it was badly affecting all the iPhones from iOS 12 from iOS 10.

“I shan’t get into a discussion of whether these exploits cost $1 million, $2 million or $20 million. I will instead suggest that all of those price tags seem low for the capability to target and monitor the private activities of entire populations in real-time.” said the security researcher at Project Zero, Ian Beer, who found the vulnerabilities.

Even though the company fixes all the flaws which were found by Google, it does not mean that the phone is completely secure. “The reality remains that security protections will never eliminate the risk of attack if you are being targeted,” states Ian Beer.

He has adviced the users to use their mobiles with caution. They should be conscious enough to keep their mobiles away from mass exploitation.