Apple has just announced 13 Inch Mac Book Pro with Magic Keyboard announced with the opening price of Rs. 1,22,990.This announced ment comes after 10 months from earlier Launching of Mac Book Pro with Key touch ins and touch tone.This will be available for sale in India after Lockdown over’s.

The background

The main reason of launching with revised keyboard was the Butterfly keyboard was not technically up to the mark for Apple quality. Right from 2015, many customer complaints were registered for the keyboard issue.So, finally company worked on it. And It launched Magic keyboard with 1mm key travel feature inside it and launched 13 Inch Mac Book Pro with Magic Keyboard.

In the Product launching press release Apple has officially declared the implementation of Magic Keyboard to all its Laptop ranges, including 13 Inch Mac Book pro, which was the only model working on Butterfly keyboard and faced many customer complaints about the performance of the keyboard. 

Main highlights: 

Apple has revised its 13 inch Mac Book Pro on Keyboard feature.
This new model has got magic keyboard which is also a feature of the 16 – inch Mac Book Pro earlier. This keyboard features physical escape key, touch Bar and ID with 1mm key travel. 
After lockdown, this new model will be available with all Authorized resellers in India.
It has been priced at start with Rs.1, 22,990.

Technical specifications

  1. Backlight IPD Display-                       13.3 Inch
  2. Pixel resolution-                                  2560 X 1600
  3. Keyboard-                                             Magic, touch bar and touch ID

Available range

Base Variant – 1.4 GHz 8th gen Intel core i5 processor, 8 GB Ram, SSD 512 GB, 3 Ports 2 Thunder bolts. 
Premium Variant – 2 .0 GHz 10th Gen Intel core i5 processor, 16 GB Ram and 1 TB SSD external support -6K Display.3 Thunder Bolts.

 Model wise pricing is as follows:

8 GB 8th Gen 512 GB SSD                                ₹ 1, 42,990
8 GB 8th Gen 256 GB SSD                                ₹ 1, 22,990
16 GB 10th Gen 512 GB SSD                           ₹ 1, 74,900
16 GB 10th Gen 512 GB SSD                          ₹ 1, 94,900


13 Inch Mac Book Pro with Magic Keyboard has got extended storage capacity.The RAM is often moved up to 32GB and therefore the capacity is often specked as far as possible up to 4TB. From the Apple point of view, tenth Gen Intel processors have a turbo help up to 4.1 GHz which the new Intel Iris illustrations supports the Display XDR at full 6K goals. 

The base $1,299 model additionally accompanies 256GB of capacity, up from the 128GB in earlier models. Be that because it may, it doesn’t have the tenth Gen processor and starts with 8GB of RAM. 
Scaling up to 16GB of RAM is accessible only for $100, dropped from the $200 Apple charged for a regular update in previous models.

As per Apple’s statement, this 13-inch show can reach 500 units of glow and prop the P3 wide shading extent. It’s accessible today for request on Apple’s site and can show up in “select Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers shortly from now.” 

Education clients can have a reduction of $100 on the bottom model’s cost.
This is going to be a hit model among Apple lovers in India. The most important USP is Security and privacy .Apple has developed own 2nd generation Silicon chip, to prevent any outsider software or tampering during the boot process. As well as no smart hacking or phishing when client uses online transactions with passwords, along with touch ID identification given.