An unnamed source has spoken about Apple’s future plans to Fast Company stating that the iPhone maker is eyeing for its first 5G iPhone launch by 2020.

And to do so, the company is said to collab with another advanced tech player Intel for its 8161 modem chip in an iPhone. Intel is said to be powering all the 2020 iPhone lineup and is also supposed to be the only 5G chip provider for Apple devices. The upcoming 8161 chip will be a systematic fabrication made from Intel’s10-nanometer process.

Right now, Apple Inc. is supposedly testing a precursor of the upcoming 8161, the 8060, which will be used in the prototypes of 5G iPhone.

The Rumored Report on 5G iPhone

According to Fast Company’s source, the company has not been happy with Intel. The reason behind it is Intel’s failure to get rid of battery life and heat dissipation issues with the prototype 8060 modem chip that’s under continuous testing.

Many wireless carriers, including Verizon and AT&T in the U.S., will initially rely on the millimeter-wave spectrum (between 30 gigahertz and 300 GHz) to connect the first 5G phones. But millimeter-wave signal requires some heavy lifting from the modem chips, our source explains. This causes the release of higher-than-normal levels of thermal energy inside the phone-so much so that the heat can be felt on the outside of the phone.”

Despite these issues delaying the 5G iPhone launch into becoming a reality, Apple Inc. has not considered reopening the conversations with the leaders of mobile chips Qualcomm for 2020 iPhone lineup. The company, however, has held conversations with another big name in mobile modem making MediaTek. This is the Plan B if Intel fails to work out with all the heavy issues that are stopping Apple Inc. from stepping from the fourth generation to the fifth generation.

The Apple-Qualcomm Dispute Delaying iPhone 5G

The escalating legal disputes with modem chip maker Qualcomm has forced Apple to heavily rely on Intel chips for all its new devices. The recent iPhone lineup including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are all using the Intel modem chips confirming that Apple has entirely banned Qualcomm from its flagship devices.

Last year, there have been rumors that Apple and Intel both are working on 5G devices for a future-proof iPhones. Moreover, there are reports confirming that Intel has thousands of engineers working on the 5G technology to catch up with mobile chip giant Qualcomm and get Apple’s 5G modem contract.

Though Apple is suggesting hints of 5G iPhones in 2020, the rumors of other companies getting over 3G and 4G are suggesting that early 2019 will see 5G smartphones. Android devices supposedly will be the first ones to get Qualcomm 5G chips and will buy the new technology pretty soon from Qualcomm. For those who don’t know the power of 5G, it will be 10 to 100 times faster than our average 4G networks. It will show at least a gigabit per second of pace with less latency and lot more other benefits.