They used to say that technology tears down human labor. And the increasing use of smartphones has surely hit the bottom of many businesses. According to news publishers, the new Apple News Plus subscription services or as they are saying- “Netflix for news” is not favoring the newspaper publishers.

Apple News Plus- App and Subscription Details

To summarise it down, Apple News+ can be yours from a month at just $10 which translates to Rs 690 a month. The app contains content from over 300 magazines but only 3 newspaper.

Apple has millions of potential subscribers as iPhone users which can make newspaper publishers a little skeptical about the launch.

The founder of a local-news Spirited Media and consultant with various media companies, Jim Brady said, “Is this the thing that’s going to save media? The answer is ‘no.’ It’s not one thing.”


What Newspaper Publishers Think

The world has witnessed the struggle media companies have had to adapt readers’ shift on the web articles- which are free. Some prominent digital-media outlets were sold at their time when the internet took over the news publishing industry.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels are the new spaces where people find the latest news. Still, news brands want people to care about publishers and pay for the news. For that, they require more control while interacting with users and this is a primary reason why publishers want to make their own sites rather than depend on the consumers of a giant tech company.


The Senior Associate Dean of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Tim Franklin said, “Publishers have been down this path before, with Facebook.”

Three Newspapers Part of Apple News Plus

The Los Angeles Times, Toronto Star and The Wall Street Journal are the three newspapers that will take advantage of this giant tech whim. While the first two are no surprise for anyone, the inclusion of The Wall Street Journal has been a shock for everyone.

Note that, The Journal charges $40 a month for its premium business and industry coverage. Those who are thinking that Apple News Plus will get everything at just $10 are little wrong since The Journal has seen it as an opportunity to earn some extra readers from Apple users.

The Journal will be featuring “specially curated” news for Apple News Plus centralizing more on Apple services. You can read other stories but you have to search for them.


The Reality

Many newspaper publishers were present at the launch event but they still think they can get more users on their own. One of the biggest names to say this is The New York Times.  To some extent, it can be done but why don’t go for a smart approach?

Reports have been out that half of the revenue from Apple News+ subscriptions will be given to the publishers. Apple declined the split news saying that the exact amount of the share will depend on the time readers spend on publisher articles.

For now, subscription thing lacks at one place, which is the immediacy of breaking news. Experts doubt that Apple News Plus will do any good to the newspaper publishers who chose to work on their own rather than getting along with Apple.

But Apple is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. The ways Apple has built and sustained a user-base, enabled it to never market a new app. Apple Music alone has 50 million subscribers despite it came pretty late in the music streaming industry.

Considering that, Apple News also comes pre-installed on iPhones and subscribed to the Plus service will only take a few taps. Whether more newspaper publishers join Apple in the future or not, one thing we can guarantee is that- Apple News Plus will get a good amount of subscribers soon.