California based company, popularly known as Apple has announced some official claims related to the iPhone 11 Pro as well as iPhone 11 Pro Max’s batteries. The brand has claimed that the batteries of both of these phones can last up to 4 hours to 5 hours respectively as compared to their previous versions. Having said that no such tech experts have tested it so far. However, some reports have stated that all the recent phones released by Apple will be featured with a Smart Battery Case.

According to a report which has been published by 9to5Mac, the iPhone models which come with models codes A2180, A2183 as well as A2184 have been found with the recent beta testing of iOS 13.1. These models are expected to come with battery cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro as iPhone 11 Pro Max respectively. Now let us have a look at a recent report of iPhone for examining the claim made by Apple.

On January 2019 Apple has officially announced its new range of battery cases for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS as well as iPhone XS Max. These batteries had come with the latest design which supported Qi wireless charging. This feature meant that the users can charge both iPhone 2018 as well as battery case simultaneously. Now let us have quick look over the features:

  • The smart battery cases for the iPhone XS come with the 33 hours of talk time, 25 hours of video playback as well as more 33 hours of talk time.
  • The smart battery case for iPhone XR comes with the extra 39 hours of talk time, 27 hours of video playback as well as 29 hours of internet usage.

These battery cases are available at $129 only. So as you have seen the details about its predecessor so it might take a few days more to launch the next version. Having said that the batteries will be convenient to use but at the same time, they might look unattractive. These batteries are specifically designed for the iPhone 11 family. But if you are one who does not have the patience enough to wait for the batteries to release then you can opt for the third-party alternative instead which will be providing the similar functionality but at a lower price as compared to the original one.

In the month of October, the accessories are scheduled to go for the sale at a marked price of $99.95. Mophie Juice Pack Access models for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, as well as iPhone 11 Pro Max, will be ready to live for the prime time much earlier than the iPhone XS, XS Max as well as XR counterparts.

Morphie which is designed by Zagg has not yet shared the full details as well as the clear images of the brand new Juice Pack Access lineup. As per the reports we have come to know that its commercial debut will be made in October, preferably at the end of the month. But there are no such reports on the imports designs and the list of advertised featured.

As the name suggests, the upcoming battery case will be granted full access to the brand new mobile’s Lightning port for the usage of Earpods or wired iPhone charging along with a USB-C port have also been included if the user wants to power up the Juice Pack Access.

Not only this but also the Priority+ charging function will also be available which will make sure to the user that iPhone 11 gets wireless or wired power before the battery case. This will help in protecting the mobile phone from injury with the help of internal rubberized support pads along with the raised corners.

Coming to the main feature, it comes with the actual cell size of the Juice Pack Access which ranges from 2000 mAh for the batteries compatible with iPhone 11 as well as iPhone 11 Pro to 2200 mAh as long as the iPhone 11 Pro Mac is concerned.

On the other hand the battery life of the iPhone amazing whether we talk about iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max respectively.

Now if you are one who is still not aware of the features of the iPhone 11 specifications, especially about the battery, then let us have a quick check on it.

Battery Life

The iPhone 11 provides one hour of extra battery life if we compare it with the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 sports a 3110 mAh battery which has a much higher capacity as compared to the 2942 mAh battery present in the iPhone XR.

The brand claimed that the battery will last up to 17 hours during the video playback as well as 10 hours for streaming audio playback and up to 65 hours for audio playback.

The iPhone 11 models are designed with a hybrid software as well as hardware system which will help in performance management. This is advanced that the power as well as the battery management systems of its predecessors.

Fast Charging

The iPhone 11 has been featured with the fast charging capability. This implies that the phone can be charged 50 per cent of battery life within just 30 minutes. Fast charging needs a USB-C power adapter which provides 18 watts that includes 29/30W adapters from Apple which is priced at $49.

On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, are featured with 18W USB-C  power adapter as well as a USB-C lightning cable.

The iPhone 11 works with 7.5W as well as 5W of wireless charging accessories. Having said that the 7.5W charging is faster than others. There are various other companies which have designed wireless charging options, especially for Apple iPhones.

A report published recently said that the last year, the existence of the Smart Battery Cae for the iPhone XR as well as the iPhone XS was found in the watchOS along with the cases coming up in just a few days later. If the company is going to follow the same trend then hopefully we expect the launch within a couple of weeks. Once we get more information related to these battery cases, we will let you know.