Apple Makes the Bagel Sad By Taking Off the Cream Cheese


Bagel lovers were happy when Apple and Unicode Consortium joined hands to bring bagel emoji as part of the next iOS 12 updates. But their hearts were broken when the bagel was noticed delivered without cream cheese. Now folks at Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand can’t stomach this and they want Apple to put that cream in there and rightfully so. Why would you make a bagel sad?

Philadelphia took it to Twitter and started a poll with a post: “We think that a #BagelEmoji without cream cheese is a #SadBagel, what do you think? #ItMustBeThePhilly.”

It was not the most hyped and popular poll, but around 12,00 bagel lovers took part in it and 82% agreed with Philadelphia favouring cream cheese.

Apple Makes the Bagel Sad By Taking Off the Cream Cheese

The cream cheese brand also filed a petition at where it asked 30,000 cream cheese lovers to sign a petition in order to bring back the bagel cream.

“Apple and Unicode Consortium announced that they will be launching a bagel emoji.  As bagel lovers, we rejoiced at this addition—until we realized we’ve been cheated. This “bagel” is missing one crucial ingredient—cream cheese.” read the petition. “An emoji is meant to convey a message without words, but why would anyone want to convey a message of a bagel without cream cheese?” Nearly 1000 have yet signed the said petition out of the asked 30,000 signs.

“A bagel needs its cream cheese – it isn’t a bagel without it,” said Ariel Suffern, head of marketing at Philadelphia Brand. “The two have been inseparable for more than 100 years. As America’s favourite cream cheese, we knew people were passionate about this combination. But after the emoji was released, we saw an immediate uproar on social media of leaving the cream cheese off the bagel. We knew we had to take action.”

Apple has not given any comments on the said appeal. In the related news, Apple has a number of new emojis lined up in its new iOS 12 update.