Apple hosted its second event of 2018 in Brooklyn on Tuesday and modernized the old Mac. The tech giant released a refreshed MacBook Air and iPad Pro with a lot of hardware and software shifts. And yeah, Mac Mini is also among the revamped devices. We will go through our first impression on both the devices and will try to depict if it is worth the price. Apple’s approach in the whole event was productivity and how good it was, let’s find out.

MacBook Air

Apple followers have been eyeing for this device from quite a while, and when finally it’s here to impress, there are few things people missed in the new device. The first one is the Touch Bar from MacBook Pro. The whole device is lightweight and portable with a mesmerizing Retina Display and fingerprint reader Touch ID.

The company is sticking to its butterfly keyboard in the new Mac using the 3rd Gen design in this one. The problems have occurred before when an ample amount of dust buildup easily used to slip under the keys leaving a key useless. We can’t vouch for the new MacBook Air’s keyboard against dust but they keys are stiffer than the MacBook Pro.

The top right corner of the keyboard contains Touch ID fingerprint sensor which works as fast as iPhones and other Mac devices. Touch ID unlocks the device just like Apple iPhones, approve instant payments through Apple Pad and used in other apps functioning on fingerprint sensors such as 1Password.

The left side of the MacBook Air contains USB-C ports or as Apple calls it, the Thunderbolt 3 ports. Unlike many iPhones, you get a headphone jack on the right side- yes, it is still alive in the Apple world.

The 13.3-inch Retina Display comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Every bit of the display is impressive on the Retina panel but Apple is still selling the standard MacBook Air with 1444 x 900 pixels of resolution. There is a crisp difference.

The new device is going to arrive in India next week and by the looks of it, the Apple admirers will buy it. MacBook Air is priced at $1,200 and with unnoticeable sales of new iPhones, many Apple users are still to get a premium device this year and MacBook Air can be the one.

Apple iPad Pro

It has been a while when we had square edges on iPhones. The last one with square edges was iPhone 5. Guess what, iPad Pro is back with it. Weird? Hold it for a while.

There is a display that goes edge-to-edge with those edgy corners. Wait. There is no home button. Now you can call it weird.  

Apple launched two variants of iPad Pro. The first one has an 11-inch display, which is nearly similar to the old iPad Pro with the 10.5-inch panel. And then there is a new entry in iPad family- a 12.9-inch iPad Pro which is a little smaller than Mac’s screen itself. While some of us might doubt whether the two devices can balance in hands as a tablet, the answer is, yes they do.

Both the sizes feel very good in hands and uniform design which is weird on paper is somehow amazing in hands. The displays- talk about the displays. The Liquid Retina display on the iPad Pro is beyond sharp and crisp for an iPad. The only other product in Apple’s premium line-up that boasts the similar type of improved LCD display is iPhone XR. Apple dubs it as Liquid Retina and it does feel like a soothing liquid to the eyes.

The slimmest black bezel of any iPad surrounds this display and the top of the bezel holds an Apple True Depth camera with Face ID.

Apple True Depth camera with Face ID.

For the first time, Apple’s Face ID works in all orientations, unlike iPhone Face ID- something that is better than iPhones in the new iPad Pro. One can wish that this feature makes it to the next iPhone.

The bottom of the new Apple tablet iPad Pro boasts a USB-C port and ditching lightning for the USB-C enables iPad Pro to connect to a 4K display. Any new display connected to an iPad Pro will basically just mirror the iPad’s display. However, you can do other things depending on the new display’s capability.

There is pill-shaped, small section on the right side of the new iPad Pro. That is the home of the new Apple Pencil. There is a magnet on this area to keep the pencil attached. There is wireless charging support integrated into the pencil when you place the Apple Pencil flat near the iPad Pro edge and it will start charging.

The two devices are priced and $799 and $999 for 11-inch and 12.9-inch models respectively. Both devices offer the similar 1TB of internal storage which is not bad for a small device.


Both the devices have a potential to beat this year’s sales of new Apple iPhones by a high margin. But the reality is that Apple has nothing new to show. The iPhone maker has actually mimicked iPhones on both MacBook Air as well as iPad Pro and for good, you can say. Apple iPad Pro and Apple MacBook Air are here to stay and will likely attract more customers.