California based company’s software betas cannot just keep the secrets within it. Last week after the iOS 13 beta suggested debut on September 10 for the iPhone 11, the watchOS 6 Beta is making people more excited. Everyone is excited to know as to what kind of watch by Apple models are expected to come next. Only a few days are left to the launch of Apple iPhone 11 and here all the leaked reports are spreading all around. As all the smartphone brands are busy in launching their upcoming flagship mobiles, Calfornia based company may is planning to introduce some other products. Yes, you read it right! On the 10th of September the company is going to conduct a launch event of Apple iPhone 11, we are expecting the launch of new Apple Watch models as well as the reports have emerged online.

A few days ago Brazilian website has revealed the references to new Apple Watch in the form of latest watchOS 6 beta. Not only this but also they have mentioned that the next Watch from Apple will be having premium titanium as well as ceramic castings. The watch which we are talking about will be available in 44mm and 40mm sizes as Apple’s Watch Series 4.

We hope you have noticed that Apple used to use ceramic castings for Watch Series 2 as well as Series 3 watches. But the brand didn’t use the particular material with Watch Series 4. Generally, ceramic casting models are charged premium price tags and they just have two colour options and they are black as well as white. As per titanium is concerned, the brand is going to use this casting for hr very first time and it will be only be used for Apple Watch. As far the look is concerned, the feel as well as look of the titanium version of Apple Watch is known to e quite same as the company’s Apple Card.

As they are using the titanium for the first time, so they are not planning to work on the design. Having said that we hope the new design of titanium could come with the company’s Watch Series 5. However, there are some reports which also suggest that the upcoming models can be a part of Apple’s existing Watch Series 4 line up.

We hope you already know that Apple has introduced its watch series 4 line up in the month of September last year. The smartwatch of watch series 4 is featured with the upgraded design is it is efficient enough and it has a larger screen without even increasing the screen thickness. The company is now supporting haptic feedback on various apps such as calendar as well as podcasts. On the other hand, the speaker of the phone is now up to 50 per cent louder as compared to its predecessors. We will be going through the detailed explanation of Watch Series 4. However, the key features of its watch are dual-core S4 processor, ECG support as well as GPS. This watch is now available in India and its starting price is Rs 40,900. Now let us have a look at its health features.

ECG Features

One of the highlighting features of Apple Watch Series 4 is its potential to take ECG measurements of a person’s electric pulses to have a look at the heart health.  The same has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. The ECG feature is very easy to use. All you need to do is open the app on the Apple Watch Series 4 and then hold your finger on the Digital Crown until the measurement is complete.

Display and Design

As we have mentioned above the Apple Watch Series 4 comes in two different sizes and they are 40mm as well as 44mm. Not only this but it also comes with a 30 per cent larger display. It also has a redesigned modular watch face which is even more detailed and has graphic information. Through the help of this, the users can see the heart as well as stock rate, track scores from sports teams and view boarding information.

As per the colours are concerned, it comes in three aluminium finishes and they are space grey, gold and silver. The Apple Watch Series 4 also comes in gold stainless steel along with the Milanese band in addition to the space black and silver options.

Battery and Specs

Apple Watch Series 4 runs in next-generation S4, 64-bit dual-core processor which claims to perform two times faster. The gyroscope and accelerometer have two times more dynamic range and can sample motion data much faster.

Talking about the battery life, the Apple Watch Series 4 has the 18 hours of battery life. The brand has also added outdoor workout time up to 6 hours along with full GPS tracking for long bike rides.

Having said that one of the most impressive features on the Watch Series 4 is its built-in electrical heart sensor. It is built into the back of the sapphire crystal and digital crown and users can take their current pulse rate. The users can now share the ECG to doctors, who will be able to see a more detailed picture of the health issue.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399. In India, its starting price is Rs 40,900