It has been over a year since the release of the Apple iPhone X and a new problem has headed its way now after the iOS 12.1 update. In an unexpected event here in Washington, U.S., an Apple iPhone X has reportedly exploded reigniting some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 memories. Fortunately, Apple has been quick to get in action and the investigations will begin promptly.

Rahel Mohamad, an Apple user has reported that his iPhone X has exploded after he updated the device to the recently released iOS 12.1.

Apple iPhone X Exploded in Washington, U.S

Rahel is a resident of Washington, U.S who bought Apple iPhone X around 10 months back, thought of updating his device after Apple recently put out the software update iOS 12.1. Since the OS updating process consumes a lot of juice, Rahel decided to put his phone on charging while it was getting updating. This is a standard process recommended by most phone brands while updating device OS to avoid phone shut down in the middle of the update, causing update failure and sometimes OS failure.

Once the update was complete, Mohamad’s iPhone X started emitting smoke and quickly caught fire as soon as it turned on. He reported that the charger and cable were Apple authorized and the explosion took place after the device was taken off charge. The complainant further added that as soon as he picked up the phone after the update, it was really hot, causing him to drop the phone immediately.

He reported the issue on Twitter under the name @rocky_mohamad with a couple of after explosion pics of the device.

“@Apple iPhone X just got hot and exploded in the process of upgrading to 12.1 IOS. What’s going on here???”

Apple Support was quick to respond to the matter and replied to Mohamad’s tweet, asking him to contact for further investigation of the issue.

“That’s definitely not expected behavior. DM us, so we can look into this with you,” quoted reply from @AppleSupport.

Apple has said that this unexpected behavior is really jarring and the company will get to the root of the problem. They have asked the complainant to send the device as soon as possible so that further investigation of the matter can take place. While Apple is taking some quick steps, this is not the first time someone has reported an iPhone explosion. The company has a similar kind of horror stories. It is possible for Lithium-ion batteries to exhibit such behavior in case of extreme drainage and gaining at the same time. However, these incidents are very rare and one never expects it from a premium device maker like Apple.

As a safety precaution, we would like to advise our users to always use certified chargers and cables to minimize these kinds of risks. Also, it is never safe to put a device on extreme CPU usage while charging it. Avoid things that can make Lithium-ion batteries extremely hot and get to authorized service centers if you experience any such behavior.