Apple iPhone: How to Reset Memory RAM

For as long as iPhones have been all around us, Apple’s company has a beeline that its mobile operating system, iOS does an excellent job to manage the device’s memory in the background. This means that there is no reason that users might have to quit apps and those periodic fits that computers throw up when they are overtaxed. Resetting to your RAM on your iPhone device makes your mobile phone perform the things faster. 

The memory on the iPhone is all about how many various activities are going on at once and cleaning the memory RAM allows your iPhone to clear out any processing that it does not need to currently do. When the user clears up the RAM on Apple iPhone than nothing on the surface gets changed. But the user will see and feel the difference when they are using their mobile phones. One major thing that you can do to get performance back up to snuff is to clear the device’s RAM (random access memory) when your iPhone has been made sluggish. This is not a publicized feature from Apple, but there it is nonetheless.

Before doing all this, you may first wonder why you would need to clear the RAM on your iPhone. Your iPhone has the decent 3GB RAM and it is generally good about allocating which apps and system services are using their fair share. Even when the RAM of your iPhone is full, then also there should not be too much of an issue and an iOS will clear some of the RAM automatically from your iPhone to make room for apps or the services that users might need. 

The problem has more to do with the runaway apps and services which are hogging the entire RAM for themselves. Generally, if you have an unresponsive or erratically behaving apps, then the user would just focus upon to close the app from the app switcher, but while this might looks like you’re quitting the app. However, nothing is perfect and sometimes the iPhone will become slow because of the random access memory, therefore the user needs to free up RAM on the iPhone to make their mobiles faster than ever.

Hence, to clear all your doubts about Apple iPhone: how to reset memory RAM, we have pinned up some of the basic and useful steps that will give a clear picture to the user before they do it for their mobile devices as follows:

Step 1: Activate AssistiveTouch on your iPhone

While your iPhone’s side button is all magical and it cannot be used to clear the RAM like the home button can on other iPhone models, therefore, you will need to use the virtual home button found in the Assistive Touch menu listed. Now, open up your “setting app”, and tap on “general” and then on “accessibility”.

Under the interaction subheading, you must tap on “AssitiveTouch” to view the preferences. There are some custom actions or the gestures performed there, where you can set up, but for our purpose here, you must just toggle on the “assistive touch” and you will notice the gray and white circle which looks like the home button pop up on your careen therefore tap that to open up “assistive touch”.


Step 2: Make a shortcut to the AssitiveTouch Menu

Now from the assistive touch menu, the user must go back to the “accessibility” main menu and then scroll down to the bottom and select the option “accessibility shortcuts”. Here, just to make sure that the assistive touch is checked or not, you have to perform this action.

Make a shortcut to the AssitiveTouch MenuWhen the user triple clicks on the side button, then the assistive touch icon must open or close on your screen. If you have more than one thing checked as an accessibility shortcut, then the triple-click side button shortcut will open up the menu where the user either opens or close the assistive touch.

Step 3: Shut down your iPhone from the settings

Shut down your iPhone from the settings

This is a very important step to be performed. In this, the user has to use the iOS new “shut down” button in the setting app itself, and you cannot use the shortcut with the button presses which can automatically lock the device and can disable the Face ID. Therefore, you should navigate the back to the general menu in settings and can scroll down and tap on the “shut down” option.

Step 4: With virtual home button, clearing up your RAM

With virtual home button, clearing up your RAM

 Now, tap on the assistive touch on-screen icon and then tap and hold on the home button in the assistive touch menu until the screen turns black and then flashes white and return to where you were at the initial stage. This action will clear up the RAM of the background processes, website system processes and apps that have the special permission to start running all the temporary files will be wiped from the temporary storage.

Quick Recap:

Apple iPhone: How to Reset Memory RAM


Hopefully, your iPhone devices have regained the touch as there are also several other ways through which the user can boost the speed of your Apple iPhone to run with the desired flair. If you are willing to take control of the overall performance of your iPhone to reset the memory RAM, then follow up the above listed 4 major steps.