The iPhones of 2019 are not going to different than others as rumors suggest that we will continue to see multiple sizes of iPhones for this as well as 2020 iPhones too. The rumor mill has suggested that with usual 5.8-inch to 6.5-inch OLED display iPhones, the new series will also have a 6.1-inch LCD display iPhone. All these devices are lined up to have the upgraded A13 chips from TSMC, Apple’s CPU provider. There are a lot of other things already making rounds on the internet about future iPhones. AppsToFollow decided to bring all of them to you. So let’s dive into it.

A13 Chipset

We know already that Apple must be the only big smartphone company that is yet to use 7nm tech in its chipset. The last terms bionic chip was still a 40% performance upgrade over previous generations of iPhones. This term TSMC is reportedly making 7nm+ A13 chipsets with extreme ultraviolet lithography. Don’t know about anything else, but we can expect immense efficiency and performance improvements from it.

Triple Rear Camera

The Wall Street Journal confirmed it a long term ago that Apple is planning on a triple rear camera setup for iPhone 11. To support the claim further, there have been some recent renders leaked over the internet with the square-shaped rear camera bump. Rumors also suggested that rear camera will carry 3D depth-sensing technology but there is news suggesting this tech has been delayed for 2020 iPhones.

Dual Bluetooth Audio Support

A report from the Japnese blog site Macotakara suggested that the American smartphone manufacturer will be offering dual Bluetooth audio support in new devices. It means that you will be able to channel audio through Bluetooth in two different devices at the same time. While we are uncertain if it will be seen in the iPhone 11 or the future ones, it is something to win over 3.5mm headphone jack that Apple has abanded entirely.

Apple Pencil Support

According to a Koren site The Investor, the iPhone-maker is looking to offer an Apple-pencil style stylus with the upcoming iPhone 11. Now we know that this tipster does not have an established track record of being right, it has given some correct suggestions in history. Moreover, when Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was asked whether Apple is planning something like that, he said there can be possibilities.

Bilateral Wireless Charging

This is something even we are certain about. Bilateral or two-way wireless charging will basically let the upcoming Qi-based iPhones to charge another iPhone or other Wireless devices such as AirPods. It will essentially allow you to charge any Qi-based device, something that we have already seen on Samsung Galaxy S10 series earlier this year.

Laser-Equipped 3D Rear Camera

Laser-Equipped 3D Rear Camera

Not this term, but in 2020 iPhones, Apple is rumored to add laser-powered time-of-flight 3D rear camera that will bring significant AR features. The camera basically will use a laser to bounce off the objects at the front to make an accurate 3D imaging of the surroundings. It will allow accurate depth perception in images and also while placing virtual objects.