Apple came with its series of refreshes in the second event of the year held in Brooklyn, New York a couple of days ago. Among those came the all-new 2018 version of iPad Pro, which, according to Apple, competes with the likes of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft X box One S in terms of gaming. “It provides an experience that rivals consoles for the very first time,” said Apple, while targeting both the gaming consoles in iPad Pro presentation.

The developer of everything 2K (WWE 2K, NBA 2K) was on-stage at the iPad Pro launch to show its latest NBA 2K19 edition on the Apple device. Unsurprisingly, Apple rendered the game at over 6 million pixels which were clocked at a speed of 60fps. These are certainly impressive scores and the way new iPad Pro screen played the demo was another feather in the hat. But how much truth lies in the statement? And even if it does compete with the consoles, is it even worth to replace a console with iPad? Let’s find out.

The Spec Sheet

There has been a substantial rise in CPU performance and GPU power. The new 7nm A12X Bionic chip has already received praises for improving iPhone performance with over 40% than the last ones.

Over that, an 8-core CPU and a 7-core GPU coupled with a 10-billion transistor SoC claim to give a 35% faster CPU and a 90% faster multicore processing. With 7-core GPU under the hood, the graphical performance does match the Xbox One S. And even with that high jump in processing and graphical power, the iPad Pro manages to last for 10-hours just like its predecessor from last year.

Can Apple iPad Pro Compete With Any Console

It is true that mobile gaming is on its way of becoming the new thing. And making iPad Pro a dedicated gaming device makes sense when you hear the fact that 60 percent of mobile gamers use tablets, which came out in a 2018 Nielsen survey.

A tablet with console-capabilities surely is a plus point for Apple and no wonder the company is bragging about it. But, do you really need a piece of hardware that is 4 times the price of the X box One S and lacks the proper gameplay experience?

It is not hard to judge that Xbox S One, which costs $200 beats $800 iPad Pro in terms of a big display of your choice and home theater system for amazing sound.

iPad Pro is an incredible device, and making it a powerful gaming machine was a good option but putting out a statement like that will have negative consequences. Games such as War of Lions, or Final Fantasy, or PC games Minecraft: Pocket Edition are always good on an iPad but these games don’t require precision controllers. Even games such as Fortnite, or PUBG: Mobile have proven that console games can capture some space on mobile platforms, but that comes with the cost of sacrificing precision controls.

The 1 TB space on the device and everything else on sheets might impress you but unfortunately, taking a shot at consoles will only lose you some pro-gamers who would now rather go with cheap consoles than the extremely pricey Apple iPad Pro. It can beat the PSP to some extent but going against Xbox, Sonic games and even PS2 games will lead to further criticism from gamers.