When it comes to the mobile ecosystem, then there come two giants that are locked into the battle, not only for the purpose of revenue but also for the hearts and minds of developers and consumers be like. They are of course the google app store and another one is the apple app store. The Google Play Store is the mobile operating system and is android along with the google play store, while the apple offers iOS along with the apple app store. The major statistics that were used to compare the two stores are a number of available apps and the total number of download. We all know that every year there is a debate on who spent how much for the apps on android and google. As the google play store, the platform hits about $14.2 billion in the first half tenure of 2019. There comes a difference of about $11.3 billion or nearly 1.8x more revenues than the google play store. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

When we talk about apple app store vs google play store, the basic difference between the two of them are described below as:

Apple App Store- Advantages

  • To sell up the apps with the help of the apple app store in 2019 is quite advantageous for the users as this will helps users to get more visibility than any other marketplace.
  • While the first registration fee is quite reasonable, the returns are also quite high and this makes the developers get 70% of the sales of the app.

Apple App Store- Disadvantages

  • The biggest problem that comes for the apple app store is that the app developers get their apps approved at the iOS app store. This is the process which requires the maximum amount of time.
  • After the app has been approved by the store, the major challenge that the developer usually faces is to achieve and maintain enough visibility to make a decent profit out of its sales month by month.

Google Play Store- Advantages

  • In the Google Play Store in 2019, the app submission process helps to stipulated by the google play and is much less tedious than the iOS app store. The app developer also helps to enjoy more freedom as the concerns the general editorial content of his or her apps.
  • One the app has been made live on google play store, and then the developer can then processed further toward building their own customer base.
  • The first cost of registration is only $25 that makes it much more affordable to the developer to submit apps to this marketplace.

Google Play Store- Disadvantages

  • The freedom that we have in google plays store offers sometimes and proves to be the bane to the developers, as they do not need the guidance and support of the developers.
  • There are most of the apps on google play store which are free of cost, but android users generally prefer to download the app for free and do not mind up to pay.

Difference between Google app store vs Apple AppStore


Apple app store continues to generate more revenue in google play store when it is compared with it. The Android ecosystem has the fair system of share that expensive phones make, just look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. But, there are many android owners whose handsets are available for the price rate of $100 and $300.Another major thing that is available for the potential developers to continue is that if you need to write an iOS app, then the developer may need Mac and when it is for android, then it can be written well on the windows and OS X and even on Linux.



Web interface


One of the very daunting aspects of the apple app store in that you need to use iTunes. In web-centric, the cloud-centric world it is quite jarring that you need to download and install the proprietary client on my PC to access to iTunes. Whereas, on google play store the mechanism is quite different, while it does have the native app for Android, when you use it on the windows or the OS platform then it relies on the pure web interface. From here, the users can push and install the request to your devices as well as on the purchase apps.




Whatever is the ecosystem that the user is using, the major thing for sure is that you are investing the money in apps, movies, music, and even books and is doing so that you can become tied to that particular system. If the user buys movies on iTunes then you can only watch them on the apple app store or the Apple devices or on the PC. But, if you are using the android then the user can operate and listen to their music on any of the platforms of Android devices or any other devices. This is the major and the basic difference that falls under the category of media.


Both the apple app store vs Google Play Store has different criteria and mechanism to use and comes with the share of pluses and minuses. But, it completely depends upon the need of the users what they require is and what actually they need. App developers first require analyzing each one and understanding what they exactly need from their apps and then takes the action.