Apple has finally announced the iOS 13 update and along with this have introduced some extra features to the old iPhone by providing new software perks with no matter whether the users have upgraded to the brand’s latest as well as greatest iPhones. Not only this but also Apple has released five iOS 13 updates which starts along with the iOS 13.1 update which was pushed out a week later. Along with this, it has brought various numbers of bug fixes as well as various other additional features, introducing the latest iOS 13.2. iOS 13.2 has brought with this the Deep Fusion camera software upgrade for the iPhone 11 line up. Apart from this Dak Mode feature is one of the star features which has introduced the visual change. This feature light grey as well as white colours. So in this article, we are going to talk about the iOS 13 update. Now let us have a quick check on the features of iOS 13 update.

Dark mode: Dark mode has changed up the interface which exchanges light grey as well as bright white for dark grey as well as black hues. This looks more pleasant on the eyes. However, you can schedule iOS 13 Dark Mode for turning off or on at specific times.

Advanced photo editing tools: The users can now be able to change their photos in up to 15 ways which tweak contrasts, highlights as well as shadows. It is quite related to Adobe Lightroom. You can also edit the video and not only this but also you can be able to edit photos without damaging the Live photo characteristics.

FaceTime Correction: In this upgrade, Apple will allow you to use AI for moving the direction of the gaze. Yes, this is a bit twisting in terms of principle but then it is extremely useful.

Brand new QuickPath keyboard: Do you want to swipe the keyboard instead of tapping? Then you can get it here. There is no such line which will be following the fingers movement. For the users, it can be a bit tricky initially but after a certain point of time, they will get used to it.

Better Face ID: This is one of the most interesting features of the iOS 13 upgrade. Space through which you will be viewing for unlocking the phone with the help of your face is a bit wider. So now with this update, you no have to lift the smartphone.

iOS 13 is not available on the iPad: iPadOS has made its debut for iPad along with exclusively productivity features for the wider tablet screen.

‘Find my friends’ as well as ‘Find my iPhone’: Find my friends as well as Find my iPhone apps are now fused which can be able to find offline devices from other iPads or iPhones. We hope there are no such issues found.

Improved battery life in iOS 13: By improved battery life we mean a lifetime of the battery of your phone. These new iOS 13 platforms are much smarter in terms of charging and also it will be curtailing the power input at the right times.

So far bigger upgrade in-camera: If your iPhone supports portrait mode, then it will be offering much more customizable lighting as well as new ‘High Key Mono’ mode. This mode is specifically used when the user is willing to look when he or she is in a Calvin Klein advert.

Useful overhaul on the Reminders: There is now a clear new design along with reminders which will be allowing the attachments as well as better processing. This might seems not much update but the users will be experiencing a huge overhaul.

Siri sounding better: You will be experiencing much more clear, refined long with more natural diction. Siri which we are talking about is now easier to talk now. You can also compare it with your previous usages.

Control as well as Bluetooth more smoothly: Long press on the Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi buttons in the Control Center and with this you can now be able to access all the connections in a single place.

Brand new Memoji to play with: The users can now be able to add the Memoji stickers from the keyboard. If the user is into his or her own cartoon face the there is a lot to experiment here. Stickers are available in iPhone 8 as well as various other older iPhones.

Able to use the PS4 controller on the iPhone: It actually does exactly what it says. Now the users can be able to pair up the console controller for playing games in a more creative way. PS4 support is available these days.

So as you have seen there is a lot of features with its recent update. Now let us have a look at the compatibility of this update.

iOS 13 lists of compatibility

For the iOS compatibility, one needs to have an iPhone from the last four years and through this we mean to say that the phones such as iPhone 6 will not be enjoying the iOS 13. If you have one you have to use iOS 12.4.1 for a lifetime. To enjoy this update one needs to have iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus as well as iPhone SE and so on. Coming to the iPadOS, you have to get iPhone Air 2 or iPad mini 4 and so on.